Baylor Bears set to sell game-worn jerseys and helmets [Photos]

Looking to get on that Baylor bandwagon?

There isn’t nearly as much room on it now that RGIII is at the steering wheel, but the Bears are making it easy to show off one’s fanship — by selling game-worn jerseys on the relatively cheap.

No joke: Go to and for just $40 dollars you can be the proud owner of a jersey, just pick a number and color. The site even includes a constantly updated chart with the number of jerseys available.

As you might have guessed, the No. 10 jerseys sold out quite a while ago.

The school is also trying to get rid of its helmets, but those are not going to be nearly as affordable. For a cool $500, you can place a Baylor helmet on your bookshelf, in your office, or really anywhere you want. Maybe even on your head while you’re driving your car.

Or you could step your next Turkey Bowl up to a whole new level, just sayin’.

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