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‘Beast Mode’ marijuana strain named in honor of Marshawn Lynch

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Cred: Seattle Times

Man plays football; man gains awesome nickname. Farmer grows pot; farmer cultivates a potent strain. Pot farmer names strand after football player, and marketing magic is made. Such is the case with the “Beast Mode” marijuana billowing across Seattle right now.

Queen Anne Cannabis Club sells the strain named in honor of Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch. According to the club’s owner, Nate “Diggity” Johnson, “Beast Mode” will put a hurting on you. It has a 17.6 THC content, and is Indica-dominant – meaning you’ll be couch-locked after ingesting. Johnson says it starts slow but comes on like gangbusters.

“Marshawn has gears when he’s running and it’s kind of like that. It has a little bit of a slow start and then kicks in.”

So what he’s saying is “Beast Mode” is the complete opposite of that Peyton Manning bud, which comes out of the gate hot, but rarely finishes strong.

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