Ben McLemore solicits dunk contest requests on Instagram

Ben McLemore is using social media to the fullest by soliciting dunk contest requests. Anyone who has a good idea can post a video of themselves dunking (basketball, NERF ball, whatever) to his Instagram.

So yall think ya know what dunk imma do huh? Ok. I think imma need to see you do it first. Post a video showing me how the dunk is done… using a nerf ball and a trash can… lol… Go big, man. But don’t hurt ya self. Tag #Flight16Dunks. Winner gets a follow, a repost of the video and the signed practice tshirt in the pic.#WheelsUpFlight16 #SpriteSlam #myfansthebest

I don’t have Instagram, but here’s my submission.

Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Seriously, though, this is a fantastic idea. I love crowd sourcing for ideas. Way to use the new medium!