Benches clear during UC Riverside-Sacramento State baseball brawl [Video]

Most folks are excited for Friday to finally arrive. All over the country men and women try to cut out of work early to try to beat the traffic, go meet friends for drinks, start getting ready for the evening and a number of any other things.

It looks like UC-Riverside’s Eddie Young and Sac State’s Andrew Ayers were both trying to get a bit of a head start on their Fridays as well.

With the UCR Highlanders taking on the Sac State Hornets, Young got caught in a rundown. He was tagged out and then pushed by the Hornets’ Ayers — and that’s when things escalated, quickly.

Young went Mike Tyson on Ayers’ face, only to realize that Ayers has a freakin’ jaw of steel.

From there, however, the benches cleared, but what could have been a brawl for the ages instead petered out into just a few bros hollering at each other.

And the two had the rest of their Fridays off — as well as the next four games, as they earned themselves a nice little suspension for their actions, according to The Sacramento Bee.

Minus Young, Riverside went on to beat the Ayers-free Hornets, 2-1.

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