Bernard Hopkins tells RGIII to ‘run’ from Donovan McNabb and his stalking

Bernard Hopkins celebrates his 12 round unanimous decision win over Tavoris Cloud (not shown) at the Barclay's Center. Hopkins captured the IBF light heavyweight championship to become the oldest champion in history. (Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports)

Bernard Hopkins doesn’t like Donovan McNabb. Not even a little bit. (Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports)

As a Philadelphia native, we’re not quite sure what boxer Bernard Hopkins motivation is behind this statement. A few of the theories consists of: (a) he’s taken too many blows to the head, (b) he is such a die-hard Eagles fan that he blames the team’s lack of Super Bowls on former quarterback Donovan McNabb, (c) he just plain does not like the now-retired passer, or (d) he doesn’t want a Redskins quarterback to benefit in anyway possible.

Whatever the case, Hopkins does not want Washington Redskins young gunner Robert Griffin III anywhere near Mr. McNabb. Ever.

What I would advise him: run from McNabb,” Hopkins told Fox 29′s Howard Eskin, via the Washington Post. “Run. Run. Run. And press charges if he tries to [connect]. Listen, seriously, this is an assault on this man. Listen. Run, and if he continue to stalk you, call the first police station, whatever town you’re in, and file a report. File a report.”

McNabb has reportedly been seeking out RGIII in order to provide the young star with some advice, but can it really be that bad of a thing? After all, McNabb did star for the Eagles for more than a decade, taking the franchise to four consecutive NFC championship games and one Super Bowl berth.

But it is that bad, apparently. The IBF light heavyweight champion was not nearly finished.

“A fool can give you advice, not to be a fool,” Hopkins said. “So everybody has an advice to give, because someway, positive or negative, they have an advice for what to be or what not to be, . . . Even a homeless man, even a dopehead, this person or that person, they can give you advice. But is it the right advice, is the key.

“And if McNabb is giving him the right advice — help him not become you by giving him that advice, . . . I’m McNabb. I want to explain to him, I had an opportunity to play for the NFL. I conned my way through like I was somebody I wasn’t, . . . I blew it. I blew it. I’m letting you understand, RGIII, don’t choke every time. Or any time.”

We’re pretty sure not everything in Hopkins’ rants makes sense. But that’s alright — it’s rather entertaining nonetheless.

Especially for Eagles fans, who got increasingly fed up with McNabb’s close-but-no-cigar career until he was shown the door in favor of Michael Vick.

The point is, a restraining order may be a bit extreme. After all, it’s not as if former NFL Pro Bowlers willing to dispense advice are around every street corner.

But maybe McNabb should start keeping his head on a swivel — in case Hopkins is waiting for him around one of those street corners.

[H/T: Pro Football Talk]

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