Best ESPN College Gameday signs from Week 5: Georgia vs. LSU

Photo Mocksession

Photo Mocksession

Georgia and LSU fans were out in full force on Saturday with the ESPN College GameDay crew broadcasting live from Athens prior to the Bulldogs’ home kickoff against the Tigers.

With fans, come signs, and with signs, come hilarity. Take the photo above, for example: “LSU can have our sl8ppy seconds.” Another fan wants Dawgs QB Aaron Murray to “put a ring on it.”

What else can you show us, Athens?

Of course, what would a matchup of two SEC powerhouses be without a little Big Ten bashing?

What does LSU stand for? To Georgia fans, it’s not “Louisiana State University.” (Side note: Notice the insanely insane “Georgia Joker” on the bottom of the photo; for further reference, watch this video)

How did the sign below get allowed on the set? We have no idea, but it’s hilarious.

There’s an LSU corn dog sign!

Show me you what now?! And yes, the LSU corn dog makes another appearance as well.

What we have here might just be the sign of the day.

Apparently Mettenberger shaves his legs.