Random Musing: 2013 Grammys best moments get GIF treatment

The world’s biggest rock stars rocked the Grammys on Sunday night and they did not disappoint. Here’s a look at some of the best moments in GIF form, courtesy of MTV’s Tumblr.

1. Prince brought his pimp limp

2. Carrie Underwood borrowed a dress from Disney

3. Rihanna gives a shoulder shrug of approval for the legendary Bob Marley

4. Taylor Swift has no friends, and she doesn’t care

5. Rihanna’s forehead decided to join the party

6. Alicia Keys is one bad b…

7. Taylor Swift still has no friends

8. Tyler, The Creator planned his GIF moment

9. Jay Z helps Justin Timberlake crush it

10. Jay Z would like to tell America, “You’re welcome”