Who Is The Best NFL Cornerback: Smack Talk Evaluations

Richard Sherman will get most of his $57.4 million in the first four years of his NFL contract extension – with $40 million guaranteed. Joe Haden tops Sherman with a $68 million deal with $45 million guaranteed.

That’s quarterback money, or at least it used to be.

Those contracts, and more importantly the guaranteed money in them, definitely leave guys like Patrick Peterson feeling some type of way.

In fact, Sherman and Peterson seem to be taking shots at one another through the media and twitter:

“I’m definitely observant of what (Sherman) got. Obviously by him being the highest paid cornerback, the goal for the guys that come after him is to be higher than him. I believe he set the table pretty high, and me and my agent have some work to do. ” – Patrick Peterson in an interview with AZCardinals.com

This followed by:

There’s nothing better than rich athletes arguing on Twitter.

Patrick Peterson is definitely one of the premier defensive backs in the league, but how does he stack up against the top two?

Since they both entered the league in 2011, Richard Sherman has 20 interceptions versus 12 for Peterson. Joe Haden has 13 interceptions and he came out of college a year earlier.

Basically I hope this turns into is another Richard Sherman moment on November 23rd when these division rivals square off. I hope Erin Andrews has to go 8th grade lunchroom on his ass again afterwards. In the meantime I hope Patrick Peterson gets paid.

As for Joe Haden, well he gets respect just by playing for the Browns.

Who’s the best corner in the game?  Should Patrick Peterson be talking crazy?