Bieber invades Jacksonville, Josh Scobee uses it to prank Carson Tinker

Photo: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It was a big Wednesday night in Jacksonville. Not only did Justin Bieber take down Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena, but OMG!, Justin Bieber was actually at Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena!

While plenty of pre-teens braided their hair, flossed their braces and hit the arena, they were not the only Bieber fans excited for the occasion. Rookie Jaguars long snapper Carson Tinker tweeted out the fact that Biebs and he were sharing the same hotel.

justin bieber prank scobee tinker 1

That is definitely just a fun little tidbit of news for one’s followers, but his teammate, and presumed tutor (because they’ll be working together every day), kicker Josh Scobee, used this knowledge to his advantage.

justin bieber prank scobee tinker 2

Scobee had absolutely no idea what hotel room Bieber was actually staying in.

justin bieber prank scobee tinker 3

Josh Scobee for the win!

All it took was an innocent tweet about the Biebs and Scobee was hot on the case. From there, it was a Sleepless in Jax type of night for Mr. Tinker.


At least that’s a far better form of rookie hazing than Tyrann Mathieu’s haircut