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Texas Longhorns football: What’s going on?

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Texas running back Malcolm Brown makes a cut against Iowa State. Brown returns to the line up after an ankle injury to support Longhorn backs Johnathan Gray and Joe Bergeron. Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE

No, it’s not doomsday.

It might be 2012 and the ‘fiscal cliff’ isn’t fading any further into the distance, but things are still moving along as they always have.

Yet, there is one place that is totally different than it was months ago: college football.

The college football landscape is a wasteland of its August self, or a lush Eden, depending on your perspective.

Remember when Arkansas was supposed to be a Top 10 team, USC would be an unstoppable force and Michigan was ‘back’? Well, as we all know, predictions are not easy, but did anyone see K-State going the championship game?

The Crimson Tide’s march to another BCS title game was halted by Texas A&M, to the joy of literally everybody except ‘Bama Nation.

Saban’s ground-and-pound, stout defense was edged out by an up-tempo, never-say-die Aggie team. It was A&M’s biggest win in a long time; so long in fact, I can’t even remember their last major win.

Oh yes, and of course, the Texas Longhorns. 8-2? Really? Yes, it’s true! The boys from Austin have an 8-2 record with two more games remaining in Big 12 play.

TCU at home on Turkey Day and then the big one, No. 1 K-State in the Little Apple, assuming Optimus Klein gets his business done in Waco (You see how many nicknames I got in?!).

Neither game will be easy; TCU has been more hot than cold as of late and Kansas State seems to always have the Longhorns’ number. But who knows? An Oklahoma loss and a miraculous Texas win in both games could mean another date in the Fiesta Bowl.

OK, I’m getting ahead of myself, but the defense has played much better. Iowa State looked more like a tropical depression than a cyclone last Saturday. Texas controlled the whole game and Malcolm Brown was back in the fray.

Alabama isn’t undefeated, K-State is winning the Big 12, Notre Dame is undefeated … the list goes on. Imagine hearing those statements a few months ago. Funny how things change and don’t go ‘according to plan’ ….

Just remember: don’t panic, martial law hasn’t been declared, there isn’t a major governmental collapse at hand (depending on your politics).

It’s just college football.

Crazy, any given-Saturday, awesome college football.

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