Big East Tourney tickets double as free strip club pass, because why not

Rick's Cabaret wants Big East to relax a little during the tourney. (Photo courtesy of Rick's)

Rick’s Cabaret wants Big East fans to relax a little during the tourney. (Photo courtesy of Rick’s)

Thanks to the fine folks over at Lost Lettermen, we were made aware of a deal that no one can pass up. It’s like like finding $5 in the wash, but naked.

For all the Big East fans who were rich enough to drop the $1.98 going-rate on a ticket to this year’s tourney, you are in luck, because Rick’s Cabaret in NYC is offering you free entrance with your ticket stub.

What’s better than a basketball game and a few ice cold beers, followed by every man’s favorite thing, boobs?

Oh yeah, and they’re offering a $10 lunch to those who decide to ditch the fold-out chairs of Madison Square Garden for the plush sofas Rick’s.

Leave it to a strip club to keep it classy.

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