Bill Belichick smiled seven times during 2013 season (and laughed once)

This may be the best stat to come out of the 2013 NFL regular season. The Wall Street Journal studied Bill Belichick’s post-game press conference from all 16 games, and found that the coach smiled only seven times (and laughed once).

In all, the Journal watched 114.5 minutes of Belichick footage and calculated that he cracks a grin once every 16 minutes. New England won 12 games this season, meaning its coach smiled once every 1.71 victories.

According to the study, Belichicks happiest post-game subject is Tom Brady, who accounted for nearly half (three) of the grins. The season’s only laugh came off a surprise question from former player Rosevelt Colvin.

Below is a graphic of the seven smiles. For more info on each moment, click here.

Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal

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