Bill Belichick is seeing improvement in Tim Tebow’s game play

Photo: Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Football and religious lightning rod Tim Tebow continues to simultaneously amaze and befuddle.

We all know about the playoff win over the Steelers while he was with Denver. We all know about the circus show that passed for his time in New York.

We all know about the disaster that was his preseason game performance against Tampa Bay (negative-one yard passing, seriously?).

There have been ups and downs, but most considered what they saw on television recently a major – major – down. Tebow finished 1-for-7 with the aforementioned negative passing yardage total, but he also managed to throw an interception as well. When asked about the performance, however, Pats coach Bill Belichick reported that he likes the way his third-string quarterback is looking at the moment.

“Oh yeah, definitely,” Belichick said of Tebow’s improvement as a quarterback (via

Remember, Belichick is watching Tebow in practice during the week as well. Perhaps his play against his fellow teammates is indeed improving, but wouldn’t that make his poor play come game time that much more befuddling (and yes, we are thrilled to get to drop that word into the same post twice)?

Belichick resorted to generalities.

“I think if you look at the entire week last week, it would look different than the game did,” Belichick continued. “In some cases, the game looked better for some players, and in some cases the game didn’t look as good as some other things during the week. So we’ll just have to take all that into consideration.”

From there, Belichick was asked about putting Tebow into a situation where he might succeed as a running quarterback.

Here is the entire question: When you have a running quarterback like Tim Tebow, when you assess his decision-making and accuracy throwing the ball, do you sort of view that on a different curve than maybe a quarterback who wouldn’t be a running quarterback, like a Tom Brady or Ryan Mallett?

“I think the passing game is still the passing game,” he said. “But all players have different skill sets. Some guys do some things better than others. You have to look at the total package and what they’re able to do in all areas of the game. I think we see a lot of good quarterbacks in the NFL, they aren’t all maybe the best passers but their ability to run and pass, and make plays however they make them — … designed plays, scramble plays, whatever it is — makes them a high-level player. I don’t think there is one specific style you have to have, or don’t have to have. In the end, it’s about production and being able to do enough things to be successful.”

Translation: Our quarterback has to be able to complete passes. However, if he can win games, we’re not too worried about it.

Tebow has proven that he can win games in spite of his abilities as a passer.

Will that, and the fact that Belichick is seeing improvement, be enough to keep Tebow on the final roster? Not so fast:

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    And if you wrote an optimistic article you can also end it with ” you don’t think Tebow will make the final roster?”

    Not so fast