Bill Goldberg Committed To Georgia Over A Bottle Of Wild Turkey

Being a Florida grad, I find it hard to be amused by anything from the University of Georgia. The Dawgs and I just don’t see eye to eye. However, this bit about former UGA defensive lineman Bill Goldberg and a bottle of whisky I can get down with.

We knew Goldberg was a monster from his wrestling days, but apparently he’s been doing manly stuff since he was a teen. The 6’4, 266 pound behemoth committed to the University of Georgia over a bottle of Wild Turkey that he was handed while partying on top of a bar in Athens. On a quick side note, if you’ve never been to Athens, do yourself a favor and schedule a trip during football season – you won’t regret it

Goldberg shared the following on his college decision with The Ross Report (via AJC):

“(My uncle) was best friends with Bear Bryant, and Bear Bryant passed way,” Goldberg said. “My uncle asked me if I had any interest in going to Georgia because he thought very highly of a guy named Vince Dooley. Since they were the Junkyard Dogs (and) known for defense, it sort of played into my mentality. It was red and black. It was kind of a violent style of football.

“I gave it a shot … Again, what solidified my trip was a bottle of Wild Turkey that was handed to me as I was standing on top of a bar during my recruiting trip. You know, I had a great time at Georgia, great memories. It will always be that one thing in my life that I’ll want to re-enact again.”

Turn down for what.