Bill Raftery asked Jay Bilas ‘Have you ever been ridden?’ during Pitt vs Notre Dame game

Jay Bilas is still laughing at the awkward moment Bill Raftery threw at him on Monday night. (Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports)

Bill Raftery and Jay Bilas were nestled in nicely for a Monday night showdown between Pitt and Notre Dame. The two were going about commentary-business as usual when Raftery dropped a bomb on Bilas.

Up until that moment on Monday night, Kelly Ripa and her comments about Joe Flacco’s wife and his size had staked their claim to the “Most Awkward Moment of Silence” for the 2013 calendar year.

That was until Raftery asked Bilas “Have you ever been ridden?”

It gets even better. The two were discussing “hot players” and Raftery was eluding to the fact that you have to “ride” the hot player.

Bilas replies with “Never as a hot player.”

The only way this could have gotten better is if you inserted Bill Walton into the mix.

And for that folks, all we can say is, Murica!

h/t SI Hot Clicks

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