Bill Simmons rips the Richard Sherman vs Skip Bayless debacle on First Take

richard sherman skip bayless

On Thursday, ESPN’s First Take set the Twitter-sphere into a frenzy when Richard Sherman ripped into Skip Bayless.

Simply put, Sherman said to Bayless what many sports fans around the country wished they could have for years. Was it in a professional manner? No, not at all, and was in fact quite embarrassing for all parties involved, especially if you ask well-respected sports columnist Bill Simmons. The kicker here? Simmons also works for ESPN.

Simmons tweeted out the following straight-to-the-point thoughts on Friday:



It’ll be interesting to see if ESPN reacts to Simmons’ statements, as even they have to know it was embarrassing.

We documented the reactions of fans on Twitter, which you can take a read of here. Below is the video of the showdown.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about this moment: was it embarrassing?

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