Did the refs blow the fumble call during the Texas vs. Iowa State game?

Photo: Twitter/@NAWTADIGM

Photo: Twitter/NAWTADIGM

Thursday night’s Big 12 showdown between Texas and Iowa State came down to a goal line stand, and what appeared to be a blown fumble call.

The Longhorns were lined up inside the 5-yard line with less than two minutes to play. A handoff to running back Johnathan Gray appeared to have been stripped away by an Iowa State player.

The refs reviewed the play but determined that it wasn’t a fumble. The Longhorns punched it in two players later for the game-winning score. Texas walked away with a hard fought, 31-30 win.

Here’s a GIF of the play in question. Do you think it was a blown call? Sound off in the comments below!

[GIF via SB Nation]

  • Andrew Van Beek

    Without a doubt a blown call. The Texas player clearly did not have control of the ball as he fell to the ground. This was definitely a fumble.

  • Sandman

    This is very sad. Those kids played their butts off, and had a chance to win the game of their lives. This ref crew stole that from these guys who played a hard fought battle against an NCAA bully. Nothing against UT they have their own skeletons and always field great talent. This falls on this ref crew for not truly investigating obvious indisputable video evidence.

  • Jeff Cook

    The term for this is getting “Bevo’d”. Little Iowa State will not be allowed to beat the big, bad horns.

  • J

    Refs probably used the excuse “the whistle blew the play dead.” Even though his knee or arm was not down on the turf. Really feel had for ISU Defense.

  • Jim

    Forward progress was stopped.. Iowa State was just holding the player up to strip the ball.. Good call by the refs.

    • Guest

      But the ruling on the field was down by contact, not forward progress stopped, therefore it is a fumble, because the runner was not down before the ball came out

      • Cristian Martinez

        It was obvious that forward progress had been stopped. If anything the down by contact call was to Iowa State’s benefit because it allowed for video review. Had they simply said progress had been stopped it would not of been able to be reviewed. Call stands, and it was a good and objective one at that because the Big 12 has come out and confirmed that after viewing it from 5 different angles, there was no way of telling when the ball was ripped out.

        • Brian

          Irrelevant. Whistle doesn’t blow, and as you said that isn’t reviewable so it cannot be factored in. The Big 12 won’t admit to blowing a call like this when one of it’s most storied programs is on the winning end. Total garbage. If you listen to the broadcast, the Iowa State player has the ball when the whistle is blown, so the forward progress point is moot.

  • Slowtex

    Who are the morons in the review booth. ESPN announcers and even Texas fans said the call was totally blown

  • TexasT

    I’m a Longhorn fan, but I feel terrible about this win. I thought at least one of the pass interference calls that carried us down the field was a total gift, and the stripped ball from Gray was a fumble without any doubt. I mean, it’s great to get the win, but Iowa State really outplayed us the entire game, and I was positive the officials were going to award the ball to Iowa State after they reviewed the play. Don’t get me wrong, the blown call might have just saved our season and maybe Mack Brown’s job (maybe not such a good thing…), but how can you feel good about this game? (Although it’s nice to have the officials on our side!) The Big 12 should really give a win to Iowa State as long as we get to keep our win too.

  • Just a football fan

    I say it was the correct call. Looks to me he was down just a split second before the ball was taken away.

  • Jeff Smith

    It was a blown call. And the missed call on the next play was even worse!

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  • cheit

    The only thing holding Gray up was the ISU linebacker pulling on the ball. He fell when the ball was pulled away. Tough to see in real time but should have been overturned by the replay official.