Bo Jackson’s 1985 scouting report was on point: ‘Best pure athlete in America’

Reddit’s Baseball community procured an old copy of the one and only Bo Jackson’s scouting report from the 1985 baseball season with Auburn.

It’s pretty cool to get a little behind-the-scenes look at how some of the game’s experts viewed Jackson while looking on through the lens of a professional.

Basically, it’s pretty much the same way we all saw him: One of the best athletes to ever walk the planet.

The report, which is littered with sevens and eights (the max grade was an eight), is about as perfect as an athlete could receive. Take a read through the comments and you’ll see just how impressed this scout was.

Interestingly, this scout knew a thing or two about college football as well. At the bottom, he wrote that Jackson has a chance to win the Heisman and, well, that’s exactly what Jackson went out and did the very next football season.

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bo jackson scouting report

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  • Dennis Cimmino

    Bo knows … Bo knows …

  • Scott Myers

    During Bo’s MLB career he struck out 4 times as often as he walked – that is pathetic. He should have never played in the MLB. If he focused 100% on NFL, his legacy would be much more substantial.

  • Jamison K. Bell

    great read