Bo Wallace says Ole Miss has better wide receivers than Texas A&M

Photo: Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Leading up to Ole Miss’ showdown with Alabama, Rebels quarterback Bo Wallace fanned the flames a little. Wallace stated that he believes his set of pass catchers in Oxford are better than Johnny Manziel’s in College Station.

“I think we have better receivers than A&M. They want to talk about Mike Evans being so good, but we have Donte and I think Laquon is going to be that way. We have better players on the outside than A&M does.”

It seems Bo thinks Ole Miss can shred the Crimson Tide defense better than Manziel and Co. did two weeks ago. Wallace may be reaching a bit, but we commend him for being a confident teammate.

This does lead us to ponder the statement, however. We should also probably settle the debate while we are at it. Would you take Mike Evans, Malcome Kennedy, Derel Walker, etc. of A&M, or Donte Moncrief, Evan Engram, Laquon Treadwill, etc. of Ole Miss?

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  • bamminer

    Ole Miss may have better receivers or much better receivers, but that’s only part of the Monster. Manziel is on a slightly lower scale of runner from hall-of-fame rb Barry Sanders(quite a complement for QB–who doesn’t have the congestion that a rb does). No QB has those swivel hips or even ability to break tackles and precise throwing ability in combination. It’s like a cross between Barry Sanders and Brett Favre at a college level with a system that takes full advantage of what he does well. You must have pass rush to make him look silly and corners if he is really on. You can spy Wallace and make them throw it. If all teams didn’t have a pass rush, Manziel could win a national title every year with an average team. Wallace has to have the team that he does or he doesn’t have a chance! Wallace is an obsolete model of what Manziel is. Switch places and Wallace flounders while Manziel wins a title(if a good team with a pass rush doesn’t cross his path). Wallace has the same weaknesses that Manziel does without the HUGE upside!

  • tony

    Manziel is a gifted athlete, and I have to agree if he didn’t have a pass rushing opponent he could dominate. News flash, anyone can dismantle a team without a pass rush. With that being said, you give Manziel Alabama’s talent, they win every game by 50.