Bob Stoops may have inside track on Cleveland Browns’ job per ESPN Insider

While Oklahoma was taking care of business in the first half of the Sugar Bowl against Alabama on Thursday night, ESPN NFL Insider Tony Softli dropped some interesting news on the world. Softli reported that Sooners coach Bob Stoops “may have the inside track on the Cleveland Browns opening.”

Stoops, who is a Youngstown, Ohio native, has been with Oklahoma since 1999. Prior to taking over the Sooners, he was the defensive coordinator for the Florida Gators under Steve Spurrier from 1996-98.

While this news is still conjecture, at 53-years-old, if Stoops ever wanted to test the NFL waters, now would be as good of a time as ever. Not only would he be able to head back to his Ohio roots, but the Browns have a handful of solid franchise pieces in place to build off of.

The Browns are also reportedly interested in Auburn’s Gus Malzahn and Vanderbilt’s James Franklin, so maybe the franchise is looking to go the college route again.

  • Mad Hatter

    Stoops isn’t going to leave a stable job that pays him $4.3 million per year at one of the best college football programs, to coach at one of the worst run teams in the NFL to clean up their mess.

  • Pablo Gundy

    I’m a die-hard Browns fan, and I agree with you MH. It seems to be the place coaches and QBs go to die. (other than Bellicheck, who-ironically-was a horrible coach in Cleveland)