Bob Stoops has a man crush on the SEC, now the memes crush on him

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Before the 2013 offseason set in, Bob Stoops was a well-respected coach. He had led the Oklahoma Sooners to a national championship and has had the program in contention for both Big 12 and national titles year in and year out.

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He is still one of the best coaches in the game, but his mouth lately has made him sound like a 5-year-old who hasn’t gotten his way.

First it was stating that the SEC is all “propaganda” — you know, the league that has won seven consecutive national championships, and defeated Oklahoma at the same time.

Then he went on to say that players are more than well-compensated for their hard work, backed Mike Gundy on blocking Wes Lunt’s transfer options and couldn’t believe people thought Texas A&M’s offense was an SEC offense.

Well, the memes caught wind of his comments and decided to do what they do best on the Oklahoma coach.


bob stoops sec meme

bob stoops face meme 1

bob stoops meme

bob stoops sec meme 2

bob stoops sec meme 1

bob stoops dumb meme

bob stoops face meme

bob stoops sad face meme

nick saban bob stoops meme

  • willis1982

    The drudging of forum threads and memes to make a news article? Whats your job consist of? “Googling up” Bob Stoops’ Memes? Hope you didn’t go to school for too long to write dribble like this. Seems more like a “troll post” than anything. You probably should have just posted this in your favorite Meme thread, unless you just copied and pasted from someone elses post.

  • willis1982

    pretty sure Boooby coached defense in the SEC and helped win a NC with Florida. Rest assured any job that opened up in the SEC, if Bob applied he would most likely get the job.

  • ND52

    That last one—–awesome!