Analyst Dan Patrick interviews Bobby Petrino following Western Kentucky hiring [Video]

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Dan Patrick, of ESPN and NFL Network fame, brought on the formerly disgraced coach of Arkansas, Bobby Petrino, following Petrino’s hiring as the head man at Western Kentucky.

Patrick picked the coach’s brain regarding a variety of topics, but mainly how the WKU job came about and how he has changed since his free-wheeling days with the Razorbacks.

A fun fact: If the four-year contract Petrino signed with WKU is terminated at any time, Petrino owes the school $1.2 million.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether or not the amount will keep bigger programs from snatching him up in a year or two should Petrino manage to clear up his reputation, which was in the toilet following his firing in Fayetteville.

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