Bode Miller responds to NBC interview reactions, defends Christin Cooper

NBC and reporter Christin Cooper came under fire on Sunday following a very emotional interview with Bode Miller. Despite having all day to make a decision not to air the segment, NBC decided to go ahead with it anyways. Miller had just finished off a bronze medal run in the Super G, something he set out to do in part for his late little brother Chelone.

As Cooper interviewed Miller, she continued to press on the issue of Chelone’s passing. Eventually, Miller broke down in tears and was rendered speechless. Cooper then offered condolences and told him she was sorry.

[WATCH: Bode Miller brought to tears in interview]

Almost immediately following the Interview, the Internet blasted both Cooper and NBC for the scenario that unfolded. Miller took to Twitter not too long after to defend the interviewer, and also thank everyone for sticking up for him.

Miller is right in the fact that it’s Cooper’s job to ask those kind of questions. She is paid to provide compelling interviews, and Chelone’s death was a big part of Miller’s quest for another Olympic medal. She would be doing a disservice to viewers by not touching on it.

With that being said, there was a point in which Cooper’s repetitive questions became overbearing. NBC had hours between the interview and tape-delayed broadcast to figure out how best to present the moment. By showing the footage in its entirety, Cooper came across as though she was badgering the Olympian. In hindsight, the situation could’ve been handled more tactfully.