estimates odds if Alabama played Broncos or Jaguars

Photo: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

With a Week 6 meeting against Denver on the horizon, Jacksonville’s ineptitude has pulled an old argument back to the forefront.

This time last year, as Alabama was dominating teams en route to another national championship, Steve Spurrier claimed that Bama would be favored by Vegas oddsmakers against some of the NFL’s more docile teams.

Spurrier’s words were scoffed at by pretty much everyone. However, as Nick Saban’s boys rolls along this year, and the 0-4 Jaguars reach new levels of ineptitude each week, the debate has resurfaced.

The Jags are set to square off against the 4-0 Broncos in Denver on Oct. 13 and the betting line is expected to be tremendously one-sided. In fact, the spread could move to a whopping 28 points.

Generally speaking, NFL teams are only separated by a few points in Vegas. The four-touchdown differential is more of what one might see if Alabama was taking on, say, Florida A&M. It’s not indicative of two professional teams.

Sportsbook created hypothetical odds for Alabama against the NFL’s best and worst team. What would the spread look like if the Tide were taking on the best-looking team in the NFL right now, the Broncos?

“If Denver is about 27-point favorites over Jacksonville in Week 6 at Denver, we would have to set the Broncos as at least 40.5 point favorites over the Crimson Tide,” Kevin Bradley, Sports Book Manager of told Yahoo Sports. “Potentially even higher, as we would assume Denver would score almost every drive while Alabama would be lucky to score 10 points.”

That is a big line. When asked about the Tide’s chances against the lowly Jags, Bradley explained that such betting predictions are hard to formulate – but Bama would still be massive underdogs.

“It is not easy to set accurate hypothetical lines on an NFL team vs. an NCAA team for a number of reasons. The two main ones being that this has never happened before and no actual money comes in on it,” Bradley said. “We often will use historical data and how our bettors bet the lines we open and adjust odds from there on any given game. Having said that, even though the Jags are awful and 0-4, they would still be big 17.5-point favorites over Alabama.”

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