Brian Bosworth sent an enthusiastic email on Seahawks Super Bowl to FTW

As one might expect, Brian Bosworth was extremely excited to see the Seattle Seahawks lay down a butt whoopin’ on the Denver Broncos. Bosworth was drafted by the Seahawks out of Oklahoma, and he played in Seattle from 1987-89 – his only years in the NFL.

The Boz’s beef with the Broncos dates all the way back to 1987. Prior to his very first start in the league, he stated that he “can’t wait to get my hands on John Elway’s boyish face.” While Elway is no longer suiting up for the Broncos, the Legion of Boom essentially carried out Bosworth’s mission by rocking Peyton Manning’s world during Super Bowl XLVIII.

Following the game, Bosworth sent For The Win of USA TODAY Sports an enthusiastic email.

“As you can see the dominant performance by them was evident due to their complete focus upon the ‘MISSION.”

“The type of players Seattle have and especially on DEFENSE makes me proud. It was the take no prisoners, reckless abandonment with no regard for their bodies, for the purpose to have possible (a) once in a lifetime chance to say ‘WE ARE THE BEST’, that every player dreams of.”

“I was proud to wear their colors during my time, but THIS WAS THEIR TIME.”

After reading, it’s clear that there weren’t many people on this planet more excited to see the Seahawks lift the Lombardi Trophy than Brian Bosworth.