Brian Bosworth has an orgasmic time … at an XX concert?

First, before we delve into all that is perfectly, spectacularly wrong with this above tweet, we delve into what the XX is in the first place.

Have you heard of rock music? Oh, you have I see, very good. Well, make it Indie Rock.

Good, and now make it mellow.

Wait, more mellow — mellower …

Ok, you’ve got it.

Now, The Boz, on the other hand, was an Oklahoma Sooners All-American and top-flight NFL player for a season or two until Bo Jackson and various injuries derailed his career.

He was always extremely outspoken, cutting and dying his hair in all sorts of crazy ways, giving the media insane quotes, and just generally getting himself into shenanigans.

Thus, when we found out about Brian Boswerth’s “orgasmic” experience at an XX concert, well, we were a little surprised, to say the least.

But then again, Boz has been surprising people for decades. Why can’t the scary dude wig out at an XX concert?

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