Bryce Harper and Under Armour team up for the most “bro” commercial of all time

Under Armour just unveiled Bryce Harper’s new commercial, which is nothing out of the ordinary as baseball season approaches.

The commercial kicks off with some inspirational quotes from Harper, but what comes next might just strike you by surprise (or if you know Harper, maybe it won’t).

First you’ll notice the music, which portrays every Bryce Harper practice swing as epic, but it’s the scene at the :26 mark that really sets this gem off.

Yes, that is Harper shirtless lifting glow-in-the-dark weights.

Luckily for us, Ted Berg at USA Today Sports turned this moment into a GIF so we could all cherish it forever.

No, we wouldn’t be surprised at all if Harper insisted that Under Armour film him doing this in the commercial.

And that, folks, is the most “bro” commercial of all time.