Bryce Harper wants Washington Nationals fans to keep ‘The Wave’ going

Photo courtesy Getty Images, via Yahoo! Sports

Photo courtesy Getty Images/Capital City Apparel, via Yahoo! Sports

We here at Gamedayr are huge supporters of pretty much anything that helps get fans into their teams’ games. That includes the old standbys such as tailgating, filling out box scores at baseball games and, of course, doing The Wave.

However, there is a growing contingent of Washington Nationals fans bent on killing the tradition and they have even garnered the support of some members of the team’s pitching staff.

However, and luckily for The Wave itself, the action has a huge supporter in one of the biggest stars on the team, Bryce Harper.

The young, budding superstar and The Wave have another supporter in Nats shortstop Ian Desmond.

Good on these guys for speaking out in support of a little bit of fan culture. Then again, there are folks against The Wave, like we said, and that includes relief pitcher Ryan Mattheus

What Mattheus is talking about is a very recent event. Over the last weekend of April, fans on both sides of the argument actually got into a fight about whether or not to wave, with a supporter of it eventually being kicked out of the park.

We told you this was getting to be a serious matter in our nation’s capitol.

That being said, we think they should just take one guy from each point of view — one guy who hates it and one who digs it — and just have them wrestle.

Heck, let’s just take Harper and Mattheus, shall we?

Well, actually, maybe not, because then we might be seeing the end of The Wave as we know it.

h/t: Yahoo! Sports

Which side of The Wave argument are you on? Kill it or keep it?
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