Bud Selig to announce retirement as MLB commissioner following 2014

Photo: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

According to reports, longtime Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig is set to formally announce his retirement from the game of baseball on Thursday. The move is an expected one, although it will surely draw plenty of attention as fans, players, coaches and executives all gear up for the postseason.

The Braves moved to Atlanta from Milwaukee decades ago, and it was Selig who was instrumental in bringing the Brewers to the city. He owned the franchise for several years before selling. He was named the commissioner of the league in 1992, and despite the formal announcement, will remain so until January of 2015. Presumably, the move gives him ample time to groom a successor, in much the same way as David Stern has been training Adam Silver to replace him as the NBA commissioner.

Some will remember Selig’s tenure as wildly successful. He instituted not one, but two new wild card spots for playoff teams. Player salaries have skyrocketed under his watch, and he has worked to try to even the playing field for teams who want to sign big-money guys through a revenue sharing program.

Then there is the issue of steroids. Where history eventually places Selig on the subject (willfully neglected use or came down hard with good punishments following years of ignorance) is something we cannot know at this time.

Check back for updates and for any statements Selig releases regarding these reports.

*UPDATE* 3:10 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 26

Bud Selig has officially announced his retirement following the 2014 MLB season.

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