Thursday’s the New Friday Drinking Game: Bills at Browns

Photo: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know what’s more painful, being a fan of these teams or watching them play as a non-fan. This is like the Masochist Bowl. Last night, playing in Cleveland, the Indians were eliminated from the MLB playoffs. If the Browns lose tonight you may have to Baker Act some Clevelanders. Oh who am I kidding, they expect it. Enjoy your beer during this one. It’s all that carries these fan bases through most Sundays.

1 If by Land; 2 If by Air

Every Rushing Attempt (1 Drink)

Every Completed Pass (2 Drinks)

Game Play

Sack (1 Drink)

Fumble (3 Drinks)

Interception (5 Drinks)

Kickoff/Punt Return (Waterfall from kick to whistle)


Footage from Around Town (1 Drink)

In-game Shot of Owner/GM (2 Drinks)

Sideline Report (3 Drinks)

Show Schedule/Standings (4 Drinks)

Interview with Coach (5 Drinks)

Guest in the Booth (10 Drinks)

Buffalo Bills

Jim Kelly Name Drop (1 Drink)

Toronto Mention (3 Drinks)

Buffalo Wings Mention (5 Drinks)

Scott Norwood Name Drop (Pour something out for your homies)

OJ Simpson Name Drop (Lock the doors)

Cleveland Browns

Trent Richardson Name Drop (1 Drink)

Jim Brown Name Drop (3 Drinks)

LeBron James Name Drop (5 Drinks)

Bernie Kosar Name Drop (Chug a Beer and recite the alphabet starting at E, and ending at W)

Physical Challenge

Take a shot every time they show footage of The Drive, The Fumble, The Shot, Bills losing a Super Bowl, or any other heartbreaking moment from these two cursed cities. There are no winners in this. We’ll all wake up hungover, feeling like losers. Just like Bills and Browns fans.