Could Carrie Underwood be replacing Faith Hill on Sunday Night Football?

Photo via Twitter.

Photo via Twitter

Last month, NFL fans around the country were saddened to hear the news that Faith Hill and NBC Sports’ Sunday Night Football would be parting ways.

What does a network as large and wealthy as NBC do when they lose their smoke-show intro girl? Why, they go out and sign another younger and even more relevant babe.

The fine folks over at The Big Lead have been paying attention to the search process and pieced two-and-two together on Monday.

NBC Sports Group released a “SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL ANNOUNCEMENT” Monday afternoon and Carrie Underwood followed with this tweet shortly after.

Underwood replacing Hill seems to just make too much sense. Both are highly recognizable country music stars and appeal perfectly to the NFL market. Plus, they aren’t too shabby to look at.

If it is Underwood, NBC is basically getting a younger version of Hill.

We’re pretty sure all football fans across America would be alright with that.

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