Case McCoy believes he is the reason why Horns are underdogs at TCU. Sad face.

With a name like “McCoy,” Colt’s little brother, Case, was supposed to be a superstar for the Texas Longhorns. However, the senior’s career has not exactly panned out that way – until recently.

Since taking over full-time for the concussion-prone David Ash, the younger McCoy  engineered a much-needed victory over Iowa State and then a massive upset of Oklahoma.

However, even with a bye week to prepare for an underwhelming TCU squad, the Longhorns are still the underdogs on the road in Week 9.

Asked why that was, McCoy humorously relayed the fact that he has not been immune to the waves of criticism he has received through the years.


Awww, chin up Case!

The Red River Rivalry upset was a huge start – there’s still plenty of time to re-write that legacy, right buddy?

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