CBS Sports has released its 2013 preseason rankings, and there’s a shocker at No. 1

Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel (2) reacts after scoring a touchdown during the game against the Oklahoma Sooners in the 2013 Cotton Bowl at Cowboys Stadium. Texas A&M won 41-13. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

CBS Sports has released its preseason top 25 as teams begin gearing up major recruiting efforts and spring practices.

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However, despite the Alabama Crimson Tide having won three of the nation’s previous four national championships, senior college football analyst Dennis Dodd is not ready to give coach Nick Saban’s bunch the benefit of the doubt.

Read on — there’s a surprise awaiting you, the erstwhile college sports fan, at the bottom of the page.

25. BYU Cougars

24. Ole Miss Rebels

23. Northern Illinois Huskies

22. Nebraska Cornhuskers

21. Oklahoma State Cowboys

20. Oklahoma Sooners

19. Kansas State Wildcats

18. TCU Horned Frogs

17. LSU Tigers

16. Northwestern Wildcats

15. Boise State Broncos

14. Oregon State Beavers

13. Florida State Seminoles

12. Texas Longhorns

11. Louisville Cardinals

10. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

9. Clemson Tigers

8. Florida Gators

7. South Carolina Gamecocks

6. Georgia Bulldogs

5. Oregon Ducks

4. Ohio State Buckeyes

3. Stanford Cardinal

2. Alabama Crimson Tide

1. Texas A&M Aggies

Surprised? So is quarterback AJ McCarron and the rest of the Tide, we’re sure. At the very least, Nick Saban can use this to motivate his guys, that’s for sure.

Check out the first round of our preseason top 25 rankings here

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  • W. Travis Fromhold

    Who are the Boise State Cowboys?

    • Elaine Fletcher

      15. Boise State Broncos Guess your a AGGIE and NEVER LEARNED how to READ!!

      • Cory

        somebody here is pretty butthurt

      • Larry

        * you’re
        * an

      • ProudAg

        guess you don’t know the difference between your and you’re.

        • Cyclave

          Ninja’d… I hate you.

      • Cyclave

        Says the person who doesn’t know when to use “you’re” or “your”.

      • JackAg

        Guess YOU’RE not an AGGIE and NEVER LEARNED correct GRAMMAR

      • Nugster L

        Kids, this is why you don’t talk trash without a high school diploma. YOU’RE replaces “your” and AN replaces “a”. Somebody doesn’t know how to write.

      • ElaineIsAJoke

        Must be the same butt-hurt longhorn who thinks they belong in the top 10. Just FYI, it should be “Guess you’re an AGGIE”. Dont criticize peoples ability to read, when you don’t have the slightest clue what grammar is.

      • tram03

        Elaine is soooooooo butthurt. Stay away from Hicks and McCoy.

      • Jillian Haskins

        “your a Aggie and never learned how to read!!”– I believe it’s “YOU’RE AN Aggie…” I guess you never learned how to spell… just sayin’

      • Brandon Estes

        Nor did she ever learn the proper use of “an” indefinite article, pun intended. It is “an AGGIE,” not “a AGGIE.” Learn to incorporate punctuation correctly too, please. Nevertheless, you should be mindful of your own incompetence before you use ad hominem attacks against others, because now you look like a fool.

  • Mark

    This preseason ranking blows

  • Sherri Finkel Jones

    Joke…ROLL MF TIDE Mr. Dodd, just proves any dummas can have a title!

  • Zach Anderson


  • Colton Kelly

    I love this as an Aggie, but this is definitely not going to be what the preseason top 25 looks like in august… Top 10 will be
    1. Bama
    2. Ohio State
    3. Oregon/Texas A&M/Georgia
    4. Texas A&M/Oregon/Georgia
    5. Georgia/Texas A&M/Oregon
    6. Stanford
    7. South Carolina
    8. Clemson
    9. Florida
    10. Texas

    • Ikesboy

      Like this one

    • mike


      • tcrook

        losing their starting QB, so since their new guy is an unknown, they won’t be ranked as high. But I hope they do well! they are always underrated and it’s a shame

      • Amanda Johnson

        KSU got their lunch eaten by Oregon during their bowl game. I don’t even know why they were there. KSU can compete in the Big 12, but then again, that’s not saying much.

      • Neal


    • StoneInAustin

      This looks about right to me but even as a Texas fan, I would realistically put them at 15

      • Derpy Derp Derp

        UT fan too. I’d tend to agree. I’d say 12 is probably the highest they would make it. 10 seems too high.

      • TC

        I can’t say I disagree on their proper starting spot in the rankings based on the “show me” factor, but I expect the Longhorns are going to return to being a contender next year. We all know where a start at 12 -15 takes a team 5-6 weeks into the season without a loss…. The rest of the conference seems to be facing a bit of a drop-off, and I expect Texas will be a top 5 team by mid October in the thick of the hunt. To your earlier post, they were one of the youngest teams in the country (three senior starters and five seniors on the team), and they are stacked with talent. Stability at QB will take this team a long way, and my gut tells me Ash will turn the corner. How about UT v A&M in the national championship??

        • TC

          And to add to this, I take all the attention UT is getting on this thread as symbolic of people’s frustrations living in the shadow of UT’s greatness…

    • Thomas

      Not bad but I think you’re leaving out Notre Dame, they should be good again next year. Probably shouldn’t be #1 but they may need to be in the top 10 to start. Also not sure about Texas being in the top 10 (which is very hard for me to say as a Longhorn), they still have a lot to prove so around a #15-20 spot for the horns would be where I put them…then again with Applewhite taking over as the play caller who knows what will happen.

  • Aggie2014

    USC was preseason #1 this past year. How’d that work out?

    • Michael McCulloch

      Good point , Oklahoma I believe was number one the year before that , I think they finished some where in the top ten but barely !

  • Ryan Doyle

    This is completely bass ackwards…

  • Teresa Bynum

    Put Alabama were u want they will still be # 1 in the end rtr !!!!

  • Marilyn

    don’t get all tied up in a knot, tide fans. he’s just having a little fun in search of some variety. besides, we all know A&M was the only team to beat you, and nothing says either team will be any different next year. in fact, both will probably be better. prepare for a classic sept. 14!

  • PolarBear

    Doesn’t really matter where you rank the TIDE, somehow we always end up number 1 in the end. Go ahead and take us out of the top 25. This is a joke and I’m ticked at myself for waisting my time looking. RMTR!!!!

  • Mark

    As a Texas A&M Aggie, I am happy to see my school getting some recognition … but I must admit that I would differ in my rankings (as would most Aggies). Yes, A&M beat Alabama in 2012 … but Bama still won the national championship, and has done so in back to back years with the same QB, a QB that is back next year. Alabama should be #1 in any preseason poll … and if beating Bama in ’12 grants a team some recognition and some respect, than A&M can be #2

    • Dominick

      Speak for yourself. A&M BEAT the national champions. The championship was a joke. At least 6 SEC would/should have beaten Notre Dame.

      • Peter

        Yes we did win over Alabama, but i wouldn’t say that we “beat” them. If it wasn’t for that last interception we would have definitely lost the game. People fail to realize that Alabama was catching up to us and that they were about to score a touchdown with the clock winding down but that last interception is what closed the game and gave us the win. Alabama was not well prepared for our team, but trust me, they will be prepared come next season, Nick Saban said it himself. We also lost to LSU and yes we can argue that if we had a better kicker, we should have won the game. There are also other teams in the SEC that we would probably have trouble with, like Georgia, they almost beat Alabama. As an aggie I believe we had an incredible season and our program will only get better but Nick Saban and his team has won 3 BCS championships in the last 4 years, until we win a championship then i’ll rank us at number one but for now Alabama deserves to be in the number one spot.

        • Alex Wills

          You also lost to Florida buddy.

          • cory

            in our freshman quarterbacks first ever start in a college game with a new coach in a new conference. by a field goal.

          • Alex Wills

            Believe it or not the Texas A&M game was only Driskel’s second start at QB ever. It’s not like Florida had the opportunity to play Texas A&M before the Aggies had the chance to play Florida. At home no less! Ridiculous logic here.

            Yeah results might have been different if your QB was more experienced but why is that an excuse for a loss when you’re trying to argue natl championship implications? A loss is a loss in the brutal world of CFB. Awesome season by the Aggies but you can’t just pretend that loss (at home no less) didn’t happen.

            And a TD is what separated Florida from going to the SEC Championship. 10 yards separated Georgia from the natl Championship. A FG in OT was all that stopped Oregon from the natl Championship. The Aggies have an incredibly bright future but these excuses are BS.

          • alf

            Only because the OC (now at tech) shut Jonny down at half time and told him to stay in the pocket. If he had just kept his mouth shut the Aggies would have won that game and they would have been playing ND and went out #1 as well as coming in #1. just sayin

          • the educated sports fan

            Yeah but Mr retard it was the first game of the season in a new conference with a freshman quarterback and receiver and still dominated them in first half

          • Alex Wills

            Was that really necessary? Florida won. Texas A&M had an awesome season and Florida had a terrible bowl game but that doesn’t mean Florida didn’t beat them when the time came to play. Excuses are like assholes, we all have them.

        • Michael

          Peter there was still going to be over a minute on the clock and we had timeouts to burn needing only a field goal to win(scary thought with Bertoilet) but give me a break. We beat Alabama. And I mean we BEAT Bama that day. Forcing them into uncharacteristic turnovers and catching them off guard with our style of play. Do we deserve to be number one Who knows? But lets not try to downplay what we did to them in their own house.

          • Peter

            I’m as much an aggie as you are and I was beyond excited that we were able to beat Alabama and to also do it on their own field. I’m not trying to take the win from us, it was the biggest a&m game in years! I watched all the games and saw Johnny Football turn into a heisman winner. Yes we were the only team to beat Alabama, but some ags make it seem like we’re the champions since we were the only team to beat Alabama. I have as much school pride as the next person but sometimes you just have to let the champions be the champions, in this case it was Alabama. Hypothetical question, say we were to play Alabama in the BCS game this season, would we win? We can see what Nick Saban and his team did to LSU last season. I’m not saying we would lose, but Alabama given ample time to prepare can BEAT teams. So come September 14 we’ll see. As an aggie i say BRING IT BAMA, but as someone who watches football religiously i have some doubts. I’ll still be wearing maroon and white that day and rooting for our team to win!

          • Teej

            Bama fan here, and take credit where it’s due. You guys came into our house and beat us. Yes, we were coming back, but you guys found a way to win. Georgia was coming back on us, but we found a way to win. We took the win for what it was and moved on to the BCSCG. It didn’t hurt our feelings that the game was close and not a blowout. I’m looking forward to seeing how you guys do this coming season. I think replacing Joeckel and Swope will be key to you guys repeating the success of this season. Best of luck to y’all and glad y’all are here in the SEC.

          • Nick Lott

            Bama outscored A&M 24-9 the rest of the game, and I believe if AJ set his feet on that final pass instead of throwing sidearm on the run the pass wouldve resulted in a touchdown instead of a pick. But, that’s not how it played out. I
            disagree, while I will say that A&M should be a top 5 team Alabama
            just won the national championship and embarrassed the #2 defense in the
            country putting the game away in the first quarter. Don’t know why he
            has bama number two in his poll but i definitely think that the SEC west
            will be a lot tougher than it played this season with the additions of
            Belima at arkansas and Malzahn at auburn.

          • Adam Crabtree

            I think you mean embarrassed the “#2” defense in the country. Also, A&M went 20-0 against a team that regularly outscored its opponents in the first half 7-0 in the first quarter. Stupid non-contextual statistics can be applied both ways; All that matters is we can say we beat you, and you can’t say the same.

        • Karl Sanford

          Peter- I agree with most of what you say. However, if you want to talk about one play here or there, don’t forget about the two uncharacteristic long pass plays given up on blown coverage late in the game that led to two Alabama scores. If Alabama had ended up winning that game, if would have been seen as a few stars aligning to allow a great comeback, but I don’t see that way for an the A&M victory.

      • Amanda Johnson

        bama beat themselves. it was painful to watch defense make mistake after mistake and it seemed like the o-line wasn’t even there. i honestly don’t know who was playing that game, because it wasn’t my crimson tide. and don’t even get me started on AJ…

        but i do give props to A&M and Manziel is a hell of a qb.

    • J

      Texas Aggies, fify.

      • aggybevo

        The University of Texas Aggies? lol, screw logic…

        • It’s spelled Aggie, dumbass

          We were the Texas Aggies before there was a University of Texas. lol, screw history…

    • ChrisAllison

      As an Aggie, I agree. Gig em. We can be #1 if win again next season, but until then this seems a bit off.

  • mike

    dennis dodd is a idiot…..

    • Elaine Fletcher

      Anyone who cheers for BAMA or the Aggies ARE IDIOTS!!

      • Clatonius

        Haha, Elaine is an IDIOTS!!

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  • Ags2010

    I love how the Ags are showing some humility in these comments while the Bama fans are all in an uproar about not being #1 in a preseason ranking…Gig’em

    • Chris Harper

      15 national Championships… well 14 if we throw out the stupid one in ’41, tends to make us a bit “confident” in our program. Once you Aggies have more than one successful season under your belts in the SEC, you’ll start crowing a little more too. You’ve been under the shadow of the formerly good Texas team for so many years, you don’t know how to talk smack! LOL. You’re in the hottest conference in America and Bama is the best team in the nation right now… and you caught us with our pants down last year. Won’t happen this year. Saban is tops in revenge games. We’ll “let” you have #2 in the nation this year, but ya gotta show for all your games, not just against Bama… LOL.

      • Amanda Johnson

        I think if anyone should be in an uproar it should be LSU and Florida fans. Both beat A&M at home and LSU did it in the middle of Manziel’s hot streak. Both of them choked… HARD in their bowl games, but I do think that since most of their players are returning, they should be ranked higher than A&M.

        And I’m pretty sure that LSU will beat A&M again this year since they’ll be playing at LSU. Death Valley being the loudest, craziest, and most hostile environment in all of college football.

  • whatever

    Where did the tide finish before Saban joined? Don’t act like you’re so far removed from being irrelevant and get over being No. 2 in a ‘preseason’ poll.

  • Bama1

    Number 1 at start has never been lucky for us so I am good with 2.

  • atSabanSays

    Sorry, you say you KNOW that AJ and the rest of the Tide are surprised. Did you interview them or was that some snazzy finish you just pulled straight out of your ass? I don’t care if we’re number 1, but don’t put words in someone’s mouth without quoting or actually talking with them.

    • Cyclave

      Dude, calm down. It’s rhetoric.

  • Lindsey Hampton Griffith


  • Ikesboy

    Alabama gets to test Texas A&M’s claim in early September

  • AGBandit

    Rankings mean nothing… I’ll be bragging and making all of these negative comments eat crow once we win the National Championship. Whoop!

    • Cyclave

      Truth right there. USC was no. 1 preseason last year. I just hope the team doesn’t get stuck up by the ranking. That’s one reason why I (Fightin’ Class of 16) think Saban is the best coach in NCAAF right now; he keeps his team from being to full of themselves and never settles for rankings.

  • SenorPappy

    HOW can the Longhorns even be in the top 15? They should not have even been in the top 25 THIS year!

    • Elaine Fletcher

      Yes the SHOULD be in the TOP 25 LOSER!! They SHOULD have been in the TOP 10!!

      • tcrook

        based on what? their under-performing defense? A loss to major underdog TCU on thanksgiving? Try using facts (instead of calling people loser) to make claims about a team with subpar and disappointing performance this year.

        I believe the high preseason ranking this year for Texas (as in most every year) While they have lost a number of recruits, thier recruiting is nationally still top-ranked, which is a major factor in PREseason rankings, and thus probably why they are in the top ten.

        See how fun and friendly facts can be!

        • Cory

          Mack Brown is quite the recruiting master telling both RG3 and Johnny Manziel that he would consider letting them be walk-ons in the secondary. Probably a good decision, they aren’t much good at quarterback anyway

          • the educated sports fan

            You’re a moron snuff said

          • Frank Billue

            LOL That’s really funny coming from someone who calls himself “educated”. Who is “snuff” anyway?

        • Thomas

          They only lost 4 starters and still competed with every team they faced except OU. Even as mostly freshman and sophomores they were still only one win away from winning the BCS bid for the Big 12. The Alamo Bowl gave some highlight to how Texas can play with Applewhite calling the shots, unlike Harsin Applewhite spread the ball out to all of Texas’ speed which ended up winning the game. I wouldn’t say they are one of the best teams in college football to to think they shouldn’t be in the top 25 is kind of crazy to me.

        • Chris Harper

          To Tcrook: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Top 10? LOLLOLLOL!

      • Tony N Jennifer Lippe

        OH, Heck no, Texas shorthorns should not be in the top 25 at all, until they get a real QB and a new coach, the coach from the N. B. Stoops owns Mack Brown and Texas will at least have 4 loses this year, losing again BIG to the Sooners. Texas fans should be calling for Mack’s head, but the Sooner fans want him to stay! Enjoy your ugly a*# burnt orange and another below avg. season!

        • Michael Harris

          The most dominant defensive performance I saw all of last year was Texas’ performance against a higher ranked Oregon State team in their bowl game. I saw an offensive tackle for the Beavers literally crying in the 4th quarter. Negative total yards for the Beavers in the 2nd half. If that Longhorn team shows up 12th might be conservative.

          • schmak01

            Weird, I saw an Oregon State team have some seriously boneheaded coaching calls. They ran all over Texas, but started passing it in the 4th when it wasn’t needed with an inaccurate RS Frosh QB.

            This cliche gets around a lot during CFB, but Oregon State lost the game more than Texas won it.

          • alf

            bragging over a showing against the beavers,,,, OM Gosh what has short horn football come to LOL LOL LOL

          • the educated sports fan

            Nope Stanford vs Oregon Alabama vs notre dame Texas aggies vs Oklahoma and about 20 other sec games were 10x more dominant on d than that boring undeserved game

        • Ƙɑɱɖεɲ ™

          Lol yeah OU beat us in the Cotton bowl. Badly. But tell me one thing, how is our season different then yall’s? Yes you won a game on us, but we won a bowl and have a more experienced team next year. Oh and I love how Gooner fans talk about how many titles they win and how great their football team is, but the last time OU won a title? 2001. Ohh but but we won a BCS game two years ago, yeah versus a UConn team that had to beg their fans to go to the game. I don’t think the head man on campus in Norman has a very comfortable seat either.

        • Steven Masters

          The real UT fans are calling for Mack’s head. We have been since he refused to step down for Muschamp. But the boosters like him and DeLoss Dodds won’t fire him, so we’re all screwed until Chip Kelly bombs in the NFL and comes looking for a team to coach.

        • benjamin

          i seem to remember that the only thing below average is the aggies record against the longhorns across history, roughly 1 in 3. Dont get me wrong, im happy that the aggies did well this last season, but this sounds a whole lot like Every Houston Texans Fan that talks shit about the cowboys. You had one good season, get over yourselves. Put a ring on the finger, then you will start to have an argument. Your ranked number 1 before the season starts, theres a lot of ground to cover before the end of next season but yall are acting like youve already won the championship.And for the love of god, why would anyone attack Mac Brown? He is one of the winningest coaches in college football history!

          • Rob Dornier

            Don’t see anywhere in the thread of anyone acting like we won the Championship. Just showing excitement that for once we’re getting respect well-deserved. The difference between an Aggie and a ‘horn is that we care about the football more than the rankings, but it’s always nice to receive recognition for a job well done.

      • Stephen Taff

        Good Ol’ T-shirt t-sips thinking that no matter how crappy of a season tu had, they deserve to be in the top 10. Don’t worry, ESPN still rides the tu nut sack and will more than likely have your piss poor excuse of a team ranked in the top 10. I mean how could they not, considering they have about $80M wrapped up in the Longhorn Network. So hurry and run to Walmart and pick up your new Longhorn gear and get ready for another poor performance in 2013.

      • Ace

        You are insane and a bit too bias if you think the horns should be in the top 10

      • Lisa Green

        Elaine….Mac doesn’t make enough money to buy their way into the top ten….oh wait…maybe he does.

    • Lori Forner Hindman

      How true…thought I was the only shocked one!

    • StoneInAustin

      You’re not really that dumb are you? They had another disappointing year by Texas standards but still improved over last year with a 9 win season and ended the year with a solid performance over a higher ranked team. They were also one of the youngest teams in country, with a ton of returning talent and some recruits that can contribute right away; I think they are ranked just right to start the season… I think the Aggs had a great season and will do good next year but as far as a #1 ranking? Kiss of death if you ask me… Johnny Football will have a ton of pressure next year that he didn’t have this year and they just lost their OC to Tech.

      • Cory

        Did you not watch the cotton bowl? Our offense will do just fine without him

        • Coy

          Yes, but getting used to a new play book is a different beast in its self. I figure that we will see just how good Aggies are

          • Calvin Jordan

            No new playbook.. Coach Sumlin is the brains behind the Offense

          • Ƙɑɱɖεɲ ™

            How bout a new O-Line? Losing parts of a well functioning offensive line is worse then losing the OC

          • jerry

            aggies 8-4 tops

          • Stephen Keen

            That’s better than everyone said the aggies would do “tops” last year.

          • kam
      • Thomas

        Yeah, I think the Aggies have a shot at winning it all but putting them at #1 already might not be a good idea. While Johnny Football is coming back the Aggies will probably lose 3 big-time offensive linemen to the NFL which is a lot of why they did so well this year to begin with. Betting against Manziel isn’t a good thing to do, but the chances of them running the table next year are going to be harder than most. Plus, you can’t forget Ohio State will be post-season eligible again and Notre Dame doesn’t really have any teams on their schedule that can beat them. Even with the much tougher schedule the Aggies have an undefeated Ohio State and Notre Dame team would probably jump any 1-loss team. As for the Longhorns, they should be better and deserve to be in the top 25 for sure but there is still a lot to be seen with Applewhite calling the shots for Ash, he could very well turn it into another BCS team if he can do everything right and the defense is decent. They were only 1 win away from winning the Big 12 bid this year and they only lost 4 starters.

        • Chris Harper

          TAMU would have NO PROBLEM with Ohio State or Notre Dame. As for the Longhorns… Who are they???

          • Danny Richard Carter

            They are the reason you got your panties in a wad all the time.

        • Rob Dornier

          …deserve to be in the Top 25 for sure…

          No. Always over-ranked and under-perform. It’d be nice to see the ranking reflect actual talent and prospects for once and leave them out of the Top 25 to start the season, and make them work EARN their way up the rankings like everyone else.

      • A Southern Gent

        No…if he were dumb he would have attended tu.

        • Thomas

          Funny considering it’s harder to get into than A&M.

          • The Sliver is growing

            Ha! According to…you? Whatever helps ya sleep at night, big guy.

          • doofus

            lmao you’re an idiot. i don’t live in texas but everyone knows that UT is a highly respectable school and a&m is just a bunch of redneck morons

          • Garth

            Keep telling yourself that doofus, you obviously don’t know anything about that research 1 university in College Station. The name doofus fits you very well.

          • Reaz M.

            That is not true; UT is certainly a top tier school. But so is A&M. We just happen to also be the gathering point of many redneck morons.

          • gig’em

            Redneck morons with the #1 team in the nation!

          • James Gayland Brown

            Nice. Apt screen name

          • Cyclave

            As a A&M student, I can assure you that those rednecks most likely don’t attend the school. Most students are engineerings.

          • Wayne Morgan

            I hope you don’t have to see a Dr. in Texas but if you do tell that to him/her and see if they help you get better…

          • Hookem2012

            Hook’em! UT raised its standards for 2013 to 7%auto admits for incoming freshman because it had the largest amount of applications from the State of Texas. A&M lowered its standards to 11% auto accept and then added Blinn Team, lol.

          • Reaz M.

            Well A&M has had Blinn team for a while, and they’ve always had a back-door system with Texas A&M at Galveston. But standards being raised have nothing to do with the respect a university achieves/bestowed upon. The increase in standards reflect the high volume applications to its more popular majors. I guarantee you that A&M is not lowering its standards to its more competitive programs i.e Engineering and Natural Sciences, but neither is UT. They are just trying to curtail the number of people that they have to deal with at any one semester, for undergrads in the US, are taking longer and longer to graduate these days.

          • Abby

            A&M has NOT lowered the automatic admits to 11%. We have a friend who was 11% and was not an auto admit.

          • bearkat11

            And UT has A.C.C. so what’s your point?

          • Reaz M.

            Well actually, it IS harder to get into University of Texas than Texas A&M. In fact, UT has better rankings than A&M (my own Alma mater) when it comes to majors that matter (practically all engineering except for Nuclear, the McCombs school of Business is comparable to IV leagues), they have several Nobel Laureates on their Physics Dept. and the list goes on. Its sad, that they outclass us, but its true.

          • MetalAGGIE

            I was accepted at t.u. out of high school. I was not accepted to A&M out of highschool. I got in later after 2 yrs at TX State. So which is harder?

          • Reaz M.

            That depends. What programs did you apply to and get accepted in ? Mind you, both UT and A&M are not very selective in their less competitive programs, i.e. education, communications, art history, etc. In fact, a very good friend of mine has a BS in history from A&M, who I wouldn’t trust to take out my trash, but one would think more of him for his diploma from A&M. This obviously isn’t reflective of the respect A&M has. It also varies, from case to case. I applied to the UT engineering program and was wait listed, but I received scholarships at A&M. So … from my perspective, may be UT was trying to curtail the number of Indians they had on campus, and A&M was trying to get more diverse while trying to shed their primarily red-neck image.

          • Dee

            Academics at A&M have vastly improved and should be comparable if not better than t.u.

          • Leigh C

            That is the stupidest thing that I’ve ever read. The odds of getting into A&M or t.u are exactly the same – they are PUBLIC Texas Universities. The only Ivy League college in Texas is Rice University, which is a private school. After reading your post, it’s fairly clear you would not be able to attend Rice. You are clearly talking out of your rear!



          • TxGCB

            You have to be in the top10% of High school graduates to even be considered for Texas. 4.0 is not good enough at certain high schools.

          • person

            A&M is the same way.

          • BG

            Texas a&m automatically takes top 10% high school students..UT automatically takes top 8% for Fall, 2013 and then top 7% for fall of 2014. Tell me again how they’re the same?

          • Cyclave

            Wrong… I got in (and denied) the ENGR college at UT at top 11% out of 670. 34 ACT score trumps top 10%, as it was a top 2% score. Sure, top 8% is automatic, but a 34 looks a hell of a lot better. School rankings often are misleading while national rankings are not.

          • Brian

            Rice isn’t Ivy, The Ivy league is a sports conference made up of: Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, and Brown. If you’re going to talk shit about people’s intelligence get your facts straight.

          • Terry Handley

            She meant comparable to Ivy L.

          • jerry

            but who wants to drive to Collie Station?

          • Cyclave

            I drive 2 hours to CStat as a freshman. It isn’t bad when you’re going 85mph in a car that usually gets 34mpg. lol

          • Steve

            Are you kidding? Are you saying UT is harder to get in than A&M ‘s Engineering….what a joke! Spend some time in the industry then let me know which Engineering Degree has greater respect and value?

          • Amanda Johnson

            Both school are respectable schools, but it is harder to get into UT than A&M. If you’re not in the top 8% of your graduating class, it’s pretty safe to say you’re not getting into UT. I’m not saying that all UT students were in the top 8% of their class, but a HUGE majority of them were.

          • Cyclave

            I was in the top 11% in my graduating class of 670 and got a 34 on my ACT. Yes, I took highschool as a joke, and didn’t try. I got into both UT and A&M. Ironically, Austin was my backup school as it was easier to get into engineering there. How can I prove this? Oh, just by the fact that I didn’t make it into Mechanical Engineering at A&M, but managed to get in to Austin’s program. (Thank Jesus I didn’t go to Austin because I fell in love with Industrial Engineering, which was my 2nd choice for A&M.)

            The automatic acceptance is complete BS. It doesn’t assure you a place in your college; it assures a place in the university. My friend in the top 8% didn’t make it into Mechanical Engineering at UT, while I did.

      • Reaz M.

        Scary, but I agree.

      • john johnson

        OP is obviously the dumb one. haha Texas is washed up, boring, and mediocre at best. Any of the other top 25 teams listed would have a field day against the horns.

    • Henry Gillespie

      Aggie Troll. :p

    • PeesAlot

      Urine idiot. They just beat the No.13 ranked Oregon State and have a TON of returning starters. They did finish with 9 wins this season you know? You’re fired.

    • Terry Doyle

      Ah – jealousy. Ags crack top 10 for first time in 50 years and now you all think you are “champions”. Typical.

    • Marc Hubbard

      The longhorns dont play anybody anymore. Its Texas and Oklahoma and thats it. Shouldve jumped on that SEC train when they had the chance. Now Texas will be left behind in thier dying conference. Aggies run that state from now on. This is coming from a Gator fan so you know

  • MI

    Alabama beat Notre Dame, but any of the top 5 teams would probably have beat them. They are not in a conference and they play very few (if any) top “difficult” teams. Please….give the Aggies some respect. They blew OU out of the water. I think Sept. 14 will tell the tale. That being said, I think the Aggies SHOULD be humble about being ranked #1 – they are a top team, but they will have to prove it in 2013.

  • Lawrence Lopez

    Good to see this as an Aggie (’91), but now its all about the playoffs, so hopefully we will be one of the top 4 when the time comes. Just hope the limit on the number of teams from a single conference doesn’t bite us (or anybody else) in the butt. But if It does, maybe that will warrant an expansion the following season to 8, maybe 12 teams. Cant wait for September.

    • Larry

      Playoffs being with the ’14 season. So one more round of BCS computer fun.

  • aeroag15

    We are losing a great senior class at Texas A&M, and although we do have a great, young team, we have a lot of work that needs to be done.

  • Pingback: CBS Preseason Poll Has Texas A&M Aggies Number 1. | Timothy J. Hammons()

  • Elaine Fletcher

    Are you kidding me? The TEXAS We SUCK Aggies? SHAME!! It WAS a FLUKE the did as well as they did in the SEC!!

    • Clatonius

      Haha, Elaine WAS a FLUKE!!

      • Cyclave

        I get it. teehee. Good one.

    • Really

      Your an idiot

  • Banker Bill

    Both Bama and the Aggies have lost some key players to graduation or early to the NFL draft; CBS is simply looking to stay relevant by jumping in the pool in Winter. NOBODY knows where any team will wind up, after all, it matters little where you start because it is the ending we care about.

  • dbd ’83

    Whoop! I think the projection is good. Last year was last year… and since this is the 2013 predictions, then I believe they see what we Aggie fans have seen all year. Stellar play by a great group of young men, led by a great coaching staff. Losing Kingsbury was disapointing, but any more in this game, the coaches seem to hop to the next best opportunity. I hope Coach Sumlin doesn’t succumb to that trend. Looking forward to the season. Gig ’em Aggies!! dbd ’83

  • Class of ’07

    Texas A&M is NOT #1 We are #3-5 at best. Bama is the National Champ. texas at 12? really? they shouldn even be a top 20 team MAYBE 25. Thanks for the kind words CBS but you have your rankings off
    Class of ’07

    • StoneInAustin

      You’re right about A&M but c’mon… you gotta be more realistic with Texas. Look past your hatred for THE University of Texas. They had another disappointing year
      by Texas standards but still improved over last year with a 9 win
      season and ended the year with a solid performance over a higher ranked
      team. They were also one of the youngest teams in country, with a ton
      of returning talent and some recruits that can contribute right away; I
      think they are ranked just right to start the season… I think the Aggs
      had a great season and will do good next year but as far as a #1
      ranking? Kiss of death if you ask me… Johnny Football will have a ton
      of pressure next year that he didn’t have this year and they just lost
      their OC to Tech. I would put the Aggs in the top 5 and Texas at 15

      • Carli Smith

        They had a disappointing year by “Texas” standards? Did you watch the same season as I did? As an Aggie without U.T. hatred (my brother just graduated from there and I have a lot of good friends that are current/former students- including one who played on special teams) but we ALL know that Texas is overranked EVERY preseason. So let’s not pretend that there is some way to rationalize this, it’s just the way of the world: Texas is going to be amazing despite countless disappointments last season. A&M is going to disappoint despite countless moments of evidence to the contrary last season. (The majority of us down here in CStat accept it and just laugh silently to ourselves whenever everyone is shocked by our performance).

      • Fredrick Rodriguez

        How is it that a team such as Texas pulls in top 5 recruiting classes EVERY YEAR not have upperclass talent?

  • Gerald D. Tinnon


  • Mike

    I think you missed the entire big 12 – in different directions. Even the Aggies I know would not rank themselves 1. I (and my Longhorn friends) would not rank ourselves that high either. We are overrated at the beginning of the year in every poll. I’d say 18-20 is more realistic. And what the heck did KSU and OU do to you to earn the 19/20 slots. Both deserve higher (KSU MUCH higher).

  • The West Texas Legend

    yes A&M should have been playing for the title this year not the Irish that was a joke of a game

    • TheSloth29

      Why would Texas A&M deserve to be in the game more than Florida?

  • Justin Hensley


  • disqus_XeFVQf2YXo

    good to see Stanford getting some better recognition than it did most of the season..

  • Codius66

    Texas A&M vs Ohio State in the NC

  • Jason Swicer

    Seems like everybody in Aggie land forgot they lost to Florida AND LSU. But yeah, give yourselfs that pat on the back NC trophy just because Bama won the Championship over a weak ND team. Not to mention you squeaked by La. Tech & Ole Miss. Grow up Peter Pan. If you want to base it all off the scores then Louisville wins the NC due to beating Florida….a team the Culties got beat by in COLLEGE STATION. giggety.

    • Carli Smith

      Actually, if you’ll read through the comments as I have done, you might notice that the majority of those that claim Aggie-status, do not agree with this ranking and think that we should NOT be ranked number one. I, an aggie myself, agree with those thoughts. I think we were a great deal better than anyone (ourselves included) expected and it was a very happy surprise. I also think that we have a good shot at being a very good team next year, though with the large loss that we are taking in those players that we’re losing to either graduation and/or the draft, we expect there to be some learning pains involved. However, apparently the people who made this ranking disagrees with us (and I suspect he is not an Ag, just a guess). So be careful putting words in others mouths and come down for a visit! We’d love to show you around and take you out for a beer and some friend chicken! 🙂
      Also, gig ’em! 🙂

  • dwcardwell

    Nice tribute for A&M. We’ll need to be good fast because Bama is the second game of the season with both teams getting a bye the preceding week. Both teams have a good chance to be healthy. Some fun.

  • el

    TAMU Aggies have always been, and always will be, my #1 football team, period. This season was just wonderful, and brought back some 60s emotions, but win or lose, they’re my guys!

  • Becky Kaufman

    Odd — I don’t recall that A&M played in the national title game. Must be that same computer that called Notre Dame #1 after they were blown out by Bama

    • Carli Smith

      National title winner almost never starts off the next season as #1. It means something in the rankings but not very much at all. As USC started last season ranked #1 and didn’t play in it either. But that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

  • Shawn willoughby

    And where is michigan…. Northern illinois… But not even a top 25 spot for the maize and blue… What the hell!

  • chambedj

    I would prefer to be ranked 6 or 7 and prove it on the field.

  • Clay

    HOTTY TODDY!! #24

  • Michael McCulloch

    They could be right , But whoever starts out at number 1 , never finishes number 1. There are teams that Johnny snuck up on last year , that won’t be snuck upon this year. plus he lost some of his blockers , only time will tell ! good luck aggies.

    • Colton Kelly

      I agree we snuck up on some teams, but we’ve only lost one blocker. He’s a huge part of the line don’t get me wrong, but from what I’ve heard from friends on the team the guy replacing him has HUGE natural talent. So hopefully we have the piece we need.

      • Fredrick Rodriguez

        You forgot about our C Patrick Lewis. But all is well as Mike Mathews brother of Jake their RT is replacing him.

  • Bob Alderman

    Not sure where the surprise at #1 is…I would have been surprised if the Aggies were NOT at the top! Gig ‘Em! WHOOP!

  • Donna Pyle

    As an Aggie I am only surprised by the ranking because non of the sports casters ever think we are good enough, its always about someone else…well we will take this in stride and our team will work hard as always, but #1 or not WE ARE THE AGGIES FROM TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY…GIG EM

  • Aggie2015

    WHOOP! Gig em Ags!

  • Amanda Johnson

    A&M had an awesome year but once they play and BEAT S.Carolina and Georgia then I’d put them in the top 5. Plus they’ll be in some trouble in those 3 o-liners don’t return. Half of Johnny Football’s success came from that good protection.

    • Colton Kelly

      We would have beat S. Carolina, but Georgia would have been a great game. Only 2 aren’t returning. and their replacements are SUPPOSEDLY great talented players. We’ll see. But you’re right, our blocking was incredible this season.

      • Amanda Johnson

        I’m not too sure about S.Carolina, especially with Marcus Lattimore. But it’ll be interesting to see how those new linemen will hold up against some of these SEC defenders. I can’t recall anyone getting a good, clean shot on Manziel the whole season.

    • LeeJ409

      True, but he also helped himself out. If the DE’s rushed too deep, it would create a seam and JFF would be through it. In nearly all of the games from October on, defenses would bring a controlled rush to keep the pocket closed. Funny that Arky didn’t get this. On the first or second series their ‘spy’ came tearing after JFF, who stepped to the side and ran for a TD. Not to belittle the A&M OL – they were outstanding this year.

  • Robert

    Shows how far off the radar that the Texas Longhorns have fallen… just like the Dallas Cowgirls!

  • therutledge

    I’m glad the Aggies are getting the recognition they deserve. The were always a tough Big 12 team and a consistant BCS buster. Being a Longhorn alumnus and a fan, I can tell you I hated them with a passion. They are a great team and if you manhandle a team that later on goes to win the National Championship, then you should definitely get the #1 spot. Let Bama prove they deserve the #1 and let the Aggies prove they earned it. I’m looking forward to what might be a great rivalry. And for you people that think the Longhorns don’t deserve to even be in the top 25… you’re out of your mind. I don’t claim they deserve the top 10 but they more than proved their ability to win. Definitely worthy of the top 25.

  • Chris Barnes

    Damnit – we’re screwed now. A pre-season ranking at #1 is a death sentence.

  • AgFan11

    To be fair, we really just took Bama by surprise. Their defense just wasn’t geared for the quick snap big 12 style pass attack with a mobile qb, and we came out firing. Its a good thing we had the good start because Bama was getting a handle on it by the end. I have no doubt Saban will have them ready next year. We probably need to be more worried about reverting to our role as perennial underachievers a la Big 12 than about whether we are best in the country.

    • Fredrick Rodriguez


  • Aggiegurl97


  • DrofAstronomy

    Almost all the low-rent sportscasters predicted Oklahoma and I kind of liked it that way. Less expectations and some motivation to prove them wrong.. Going in at #1 scares me a little. But I’m a still a prideful Aggie either way!

  • Bhaggie01

    Gig ‘Em Ags!

  • Chris Dethloff


  • Frog678

    Texas will fail expectations this year and David Ash is a not good QB and Texas doesn’t have LSU on schedule and TCU will be good this year and will win the Big 12 title and Casey Pachall is back

  • jeffinsotex

    WHOOP !!!

  • WIkkii wikki

    Boomer Sooner…

  • Joe Parks

    Is it really that surprising Gamedayr? I mean A&M had huge momentum at the end of Bowl Season plus the Heisman trophy at their place returning next year and beat Alabama convincingly. I wouldn’t think it was that big of a surprise…

  • eric

    They forgot Miami

  • john

    hotty toddy

  • James Williams

    If ohio st starts out this high go ahead and pencil them into the national championship game. They have an entire schedule of gimmes. Then they will get beaten like a rented mule in the bowl game.

  • Teej

    Roll Tide.

  • TheSloth29

    Wow, the insecurity of the Aggies lives on…even after leaving the conference and having a great season you still have that inferiority complex when it comes to The University of Texas.

  • A Southern Gent

    WHOOP!!!! GIG’EM AGGIES!!!!!!

  • A Southern Gent

    Love the messages that say the Aggies wouldn’t have beaten bama were it not for the interception, bama was getting ready to score, yada yada yada.

    Does anyone remember the Super Bowl between the Titans and the Rams? If not, let me refresh your memory. The Titans were driving for a go-ahead touchdown in the final minute, but were stopped one yard short of the goal line. The Rams won the game.

    It’s the same as the A&M-bama game. You nay-sayers need to accept the fact that A&M won, bama lost, and that’s that.

    P.S. To the people who “claim” to be Aggies, but say bama should be ranked #1, I’d love to see a copy of your diploma. Me things your license plates probably say “Heart of Dixie” rather than “Lone Star State”.

  • Karl Amundson

    Just like an Aggie to take a CBS sports poll like the word of god, you guys have fun with your number 1 ranking till the BCS comes out and drops you guys to 10.

  • A Southern Gent

    Gotta Love It….the tu shorthorns are twisting in the wind that A&M is ranked #1. This is so much fun to watch.

  • Coy

    Were is Baylor

  • Lisa Green

    Longhorns at @12…LMAO!!!! I guess money DOES buy you the love!

  • Adam

    A&M #1? Really? You’ve got a criminal QB, you only play 2 tough games all year, walk out of 1 of those with a win, and they get to be #1? They will not beat Alabama or LSU this year…the #1 team should be someone that actually has a shot at the national championship.

  • asdfghjkl;

    Honestly I’m not surprised, they definitely played like a #1 team. That was proved to me in the Cotton Bowl.

  • 12thMMKOT13

    If we had a place kicker we would be asking the question, “Could they repeat?”

  • Chris Sanders

    Michigan should be in there somewhere

  • ThanksAndGigEm

    I like how every comment board about A&M gets highjacked by t.u. cryhards…

  • Chris Harper

    TAMU is going down this year. We spotted you guys one too many touchdowns to start the game last year as a welcome gift for joining the SEC and look what you did with our friendly gesture to help you keep the game close! No more Mr. Nice Guy! Saban is a wizard at revenge games and he’ll make sure to break your hearts and put a cork in the Man-gazelle for Heisman hopes this year! Roll Tide!

  • Bill Taylor

    A&M has always been number one, it’s about time the blind press opened their eyes. Gig’em Aggies!!!

  • Cheryl

    It is about time the rest of the nation find our about the AGGIES…..This is one proud AGGIE….’80

  • Cheryl

    This is 1 proud AGGIE…..’80 Gig Em Johnny Football is the REAL deal….If he stays humble and hard working you can’t beat that…..:)

  • AggieGirl


  • Candice Morgan

    What do Texas A&M and the Moon have in common????



  • Anonymous

    I’ll say this straight up. A&M is ranked too high. They beat an Alabama team when AJ McCarron, who may be the best QB in the nation, was off his game. They beat a Bama team this year that was completely reloaded on talent and had no true pass rush threat. Alabama had come off an emotional road comeback win over LSU the week before and were sluggish in the 1st quarter. Kliff Kingsbury, the OC, called a brilliant game to maximize what Johnny could do and worked with what Bama’s defense showed him successfully.

    And after all that, Alabama is one goal-line interception from overcoming a 20-0 first quarter deficit and winning the game by at least 30-29. A&M plays them again, and they lose 9 times out of 10. I am an Aggie, and I am proud of my team. But there is no way to justify them being ranked #1. I don’t think the AP Preseason Polls will do that either. A&M lost Kliff and Luke Joeckel, a huge reason why Johnny even had the time and lanes to scramble as he did. With no bright play-caller, I don’t expect the same offensive success.

    If I were to rank, this would be what it would be tentatively.

    1. Alabama
    2. Georgia
    3. Stanford
    4. Florida (Bridgewater was the best QB they played all season)
    5. Ohio State
    6. Oregon
    7. Louisville
    8. Texas A&M
    9. South Carolina
    10. Clemson
    11. Notre Dame
    12. Florida State
    13. LSU
    14. Oklahoma
    15. Kansas State
    16. Northwestern
    17. Texas
    18. Nebraska
    19. Oregon State
    20. Vanderbilt
    21. UCLA
    22. Oklahoma State
    23. Michigan State
    24. Boise State
    25. Ole Miss

    • Scott Horowitz


  • OG Steve

    I am thankful that Mack Brown will be around another year. Let the program continue to go downhill. In 2014 when me meet at Cowboys Stadium, we will get sweet revenge. Gig ’em!

  • Joe

    Lets take at the behavior of people near universities for a minute.

    My truck in Tuscaloosa AL, with an Aggie sticker, and me wearing an Aggie shirt: Most common thing I heard was “Y’all got a great team, and Y’all did good.”

    My truck in Austin, TX with an Aggie sticker, and me wearing an Aggie shirt:

    Tires slashed and someone peed where the A/C draws fresh air in from the outside.

    You can’t ever win an argument with a Longhorn…’s like telling a 3 year old no ice cream when inside a Baskin Robbins.

  • nancy


  • Danny Richard Carter

    Oklahoma State will not finish behind ou, Texas, TCU,and KState. It will win the Big 12. CBS can suck it.

  • JS ’76

    September 14th.

  • Danny Aldridge

    A&m #1 Alabama should be #1until you or someone beats them


    I LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Scotty


  • Pea Ridge Rebel

    Not so fast, my friend! The Aggies must come through Oxford on the way to the National Championship! No easy task!

  • Mikoma

    Not so fast, my friend! The Aggies will have to go through Oxford to get to the National Championship, no easy task!

  • Jerry King

    I see where Notre Dame has slipped to number ten in the rankings. That makes sense to me, since Alabama exposed them as the most over-rated team in the NCAA. As a Rice alumnus, I’m amused by the arguments between the Texas and Texas A&M boosters. I hope that both schools have great years.

  • Jcellwood

    Thats a funny poll !! I actually feel sorry for A&M – now they’ll get to see what its like to be the “hunted” in the SEC. How any one puts them ahead of Bama/LSU when they lost their best Def player and O-Lineman and finished 3rd in SEC West in 2012 is laughable. Are they expecting these 18yr old recruits to some in and dominate the SEC ???

  • Mitchell Morris

    JFF played better every game. Alabama in College Station with a new O line. Dodd’s ranking makes perfect sense.

  • HJ

    You’re all retarded. UT has Ivy League level business school. Ranked in like top 5 in the country or something. A&M is better for engineering. Two completely different types of schools. Everyone shut it. If I’m not mistaken this is a football poll…..not a which school is harder to get in and why poll.

  • Mr Football

    UT overrated as usual

  • Stephanie Cole ’10

    Thanks and Gig ’em…. Don’t be jealous 🙂

  • Steven Mark Pilling

    The South and the West dominate.

  • Chris Miller

    So the Aggies, who were basically irrelevant for 15 years now have one good year and they are out fo the woodwork and #1. They will be back to choking away games next year and being a lesser team than UT and TCU.

  • Andy

    The Canes will finish in top 20 this year and ALabama will not finish in top 10.

  • Montez “PractitioNERD” McCrary

    Thanks and Gig ‘Em.

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  • William E. Grass, Jr

    WHOOP long wait for this. Hope we can sustain it.

  • jerry


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  • mrbulldog1965

    All I know is there is a Urban Legend now at OSU! Called Coach Meyer! 2011 Team went 6-7? Meyers first year went 12-0? What is next for the Buckeyes the FBS Championship period! Oh to all the sec teams out there; you all know Meyer will beat you all at your own game!

  • Musty

    With all of the Bama haters out there, I would be surprised if they were ranked number one at the beginning of the season. The did, however, lose a lot of talent this year. So, it is not out of line. Maybe they will not get complacent during the off season.

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  • Aimee

    Why do they never mention his performance against LSU after the beat down they gave them. Manzeil rushed for 27 yards on 17 carries with a 1.7 average. He got 96 yards passing on a meaningless drive to finish with 186, no TD’s and 3 INT’s. Have you seen highlights of him against LSU, NOT A ONE>

  • Tammy Griner

    Whoop! No surprise there!

  • Ikesboy

    Never like to be picked #1 PreAnything…..Makes all others shoot at you!

  • roIItide15

    I love when fans of teams say ” My teams schools has better academics than your school” that is losers that know their school not worth a crap in FOOTBALL..

    • roIItide15

      that’s like saying my dad can beat your dad up…

  • Derrick Kroll

    Who do you think will air the Aggie/Bamma game? This is the CBS poll!

  • Texas Ag

    As for the thing about a new play book, we don’t use one. As for the comment about loosing Cliff Kingsberry to tech, Summlin is the brains behind the offense and we BTHO OU. As for the concerns about loosing players, we have one of the best recruiting classes in the nation. A&M and tu are also very comparable academically, they are usually very close in the rankings depending on which ones you look at. A&M is considered one of the best values, education for the money, of any school in the nation. A&M’s business and engineering school are both considered among the best in the country as well.

  • Ben C

    What about UCLA?? No way the cannot be ranked…

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  • Bladams

    Great ranking
    It may b hard to meet expectations but if so…
    Can one win more than 1 Heisman?

  • JDT

    not much of a shocker since it’s been talked about here and there for several months…


    Are you f…ing kidding me a&m ahead of Alabama what bullshit. That’s fine we all know that they won’t be after the second game this year

  • Tko

    Where are the Louisiana Ragin Cajuns?

  • Gig’em

    Don’t care. Beat Bama.

  • Hookemhorns2013

    Guess what Texas leads the series 76-37-5 and last time I checked the boys in orange upset the ags at home 27-25. I guess the aggies got tired of getting pushed around by The University of Texas so they ran and hid from us. By the way UT is the 16 ranked public school in the nation whereas ATM is number 24. So we won that battle too. Hook me Horns! And all you aggie lovers need to respect your dominant rivals!

  • Wayne Morgan

    It amazing how simple minded people are. Everybody knows that the best college in Texas is Texas A&M or any other college besides t.u. and texas tech…and SenorPappy you are right…t.u. should not have been in the top 25 as well…Baylor has a better football program then those t-sips do right now and it is because MacBrown has not been able to grab a QB that is just a “good” as Vince Young was…He passed up on a lot of greats…Johnny Football, RG3, just to name a few…

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  • aggiesuck

    when the aggies win a conference championship, bsc game or national title then they can talk trash, until then, pipe down, you haven’t won anything yet

  • Bill Fox

    A&M will lose 3 SEC games….Johnny Football is good, but they’ll be gunning for him…I just hope he stays healthy because he is fun to watch

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