CBS Sports’ post-spring preseason college football rankings, SEC is not king

Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Braxton Miller (5) slides for a first down in the second quarter against theMichigan Wolverines at Ohio Stadium. (Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports)

Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Braxton Miller (5) slides for a first down in the second quarter against the Michigan Wolverines at Ohio Stadium. (Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports)

The SEC has won the last seven national championships. However, the way CBS Sports sees things, the historic title run ends in the 2013-14 season.

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Who tops their post-spring preseason top 25 rankings?

25. Ole Miss Rebels

24. Northern Illinois Huskies

23. Nebraska Cornhuskers

22. Oklahoma State Cowboys

21. Oregon State Beavers

20. Northwestern Wildcats

19. TCU Horned Frogs

18. UCLA Bruins

17. Boise State Broncos

16. Florida State Seminoles

15. Oklahoma Sooners

14. Kansas State Wildcats

13. Texas Longhorns

12. Clemson Tigers

11. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

10. Louisville Cardinals

9. LSU Tigers

8. Florida Gators

7. South Carolina Gamecocks

6. Georgia Bulldogs

5. Oregon Ducks

4. Stanford Cardinal

3. Texas A&M Aggies

2. Alabama Crimson Tide

1. Ohio State Buckeyes

So there you have it. Six of the top 10 teams in the preseason rankings reside in the SEC, but the top spot has gone to an Ohio State team out of the Big Ten.

That being said, there is a very familiar face for SEC fans out in Columbus as Urban Meyer is trying to do with the Buckeyes what he did with Florida.

What do you think about these ranking? Sound off in the comments below!

  • Jonathan Zarling

    Ohio number 1? O.o

  • MaryAnn Short

    R u crazy? Ohio # 1?

    • Scott Boyle

      Osu loses to Wisconsin at home and Michigan on the Road.

      • Christopher Lakits

        And to MSU or PSU

      • Isaac

        You SEC university fans know nothing of Ohio State or the Big Ten for that matter.

        • Keith Phillips

          USA Today: Over the last three seasons, the SEC is 7-2 against the Big Ten. And Ohio State is 0-9 against SEC teams in bowl games.

          • Stephen Booker

            7-2-1 regular season and 2-9 bowl games. No one mentions the 7-2-1 part…….

  • Steve Counts

    What a joke! Ohio St #1, unbelievable! with their weak schedule as usual, money talked somewhere!

    • shelkel

      We’ll see who’s laughing at the end of the season. The only place money talks dude is with the Chrome Domers from South Bend. Their weak schedules go back to the beginnin of time. Navy, Air Force, Boston College. They play two tough games a year, maybe. USC and UM and they generally loose. Last year was a miracle to say the least. And your fav. team with the schedule from Hell is . . . . . ?

      • Christopher Lakits

        All Michigan fans will be laughing at your over rated Ohio Suckeyes. They had the easiest schedule in college football Michigan was the only ranked team they played. They struggled against cal UAB Purdue Wisconsin and most pathetically Indiana. Ohio St is a joke and they will lose 2-3 games even though they have such an easy schedule.

        • Isaac

          In 2002 Ohio State played many games against teams that weren’t good and barely won. They went to the National Championship and the odds were stacked against them. Virtually everyone picked Miami and the Buckeyes won. So i don’t care if they barely win as long as they win.

  • Joey

    They are a MESS cause they do not ever take this time of year seriously. And they only take it semi serious by 3/4 of the season being done. And they still want to try to mess up what ever ranking or playoff system. It will not matter if they put all the teams in a playoff someone will crab about who they have to play so none of they crying about a playoff is going to matter. And While I agree with you about Ohio St. I do not agree for the same reasons that you guys state. And since none of you put what school you support you make the point about no one ever going to be satisfied with where they are placed at.

    The reason I do not think they should be rated where they are, even tho they played VERY well last year with a new coach and played some very good teams. I do not think any school that is not allowed to be in a conf. Champ game or bowl game of any kind for a time. They should not be allowed to be ranked in the polls at all until they can play in conf. champ games and bowl games. Why boot schools out of a spot with a school that cannot play in the post season cause of sanctions

    • Joey

      And I am a Husker fan.

    • Joe

      They are eligible this year so your argument does not wash. Saban’s comment shows the ignorance that is rampant in the SEC. His team only played 3 of the top SEC teams and lost to one of them. No conference has their 6 best teams play all of the other 5 teams in a given year. Moreover no matter how weak the Big Ten is, it is tough to implement a totally new system essentially while playing the season. OSU not only did it, but they refused to lose even with the rough spots, and this year they will be even better. Let the OSU haters talk trash, smart fans know Meyer is one of the best coaches and OSU has one of the best teams talent-wise.

    • shelkel

      Hey Joey, sanctions are gone. Ohio State is bowl elegible once again. Enough said for your theory.

  • Josh

    Why does every one have to complain

  • Fear the tree

    1.Alabama 2. Stanford 3. Texas A& M 4. Ohio State 5. Oregon……Alabama and Stanford both have their toughest match ups at home..Give them the slight edge. Plus they are the two most physical teams hands down…..

  • Charlie

    “That being said, there is a very familiar face for SEC fans out in Columbus as Urban Meyer is trying to do with the Buckeyes what he did with Florida.” What’s that? Lose to Alabama the last 3 time he played them? And leave the SEC to get away from the competition?

  • Charlie

    Notre Dame just took a few steps back. Everett Golson has left the building?

  • MOJO

    Buckeyes will blast any and all competition!! Weak schedule or not, they will prove it in the bowl game. Who says the SEC plays a tough schedule?? Are you basing that off of the preseason rankings? If I recall, the SEC didn’t show up in the bowl games, last year. And the games they did win, they squeaked by. Except for Alabama destroying a totally overrated Notre Dame team. SEC is slowing down and A&M dominated the conference in their first year out of the Big 12.

    • thatguy

      You consider A&M putting a beat down on Oklahoma squeaking by? Dumb post, know what you’re talking about before you post next time

      • Christopher Lakits

        Ohio fans are blind they had an easy schedule and struggled in nearly every game including UAB Purdue and the worst team in the big ten Indiana 52-49 really yea that’s a good team what joke. Ohio will lost to Wisconsin Michigan and Penn St if they play northwestern they’ll lose to them too.

        • Isaac

          This is exactly what everyone said in 2002 when Ohio state won against a highly-favored Miami.

      • Darryl

        he just said A&M dominated last season….

    • Isaac

      Exactly. Notre Lame was the most overrated team in the country. If i recall correctly they barely squeaked by Stanford, Purdue,Michigan,BYU and worst of all Pitt!

      • Gaguy

        Ole miss would have stomped notre lame

    • Gaguy

      We won 6 of 10 bowl games I think the big 12 won 3 of 8. The championship will come through the SEC. I don’t care how many undefeated teams are out there a one lose SEC team will play for the championship. Your cheesdick schedules will guarantee that

    • Keith Phillips

      The SEC was 6-3 in bowl games last year including a national championship winner. No other conference even came close to that.

  • teachingnationachampionships

    These rankings do not mean squat. But BamaNation is already planning on being at the Rose Bowl in January. Respect the SEC, since no matter what Poll you read, the SEC has 5 out of the top 10 teams in the mix. For the Buckeye Fans, delusional comes to mind when you think you could beat Bama in The Championship Game. There are too many places in so. Cal. for your team to get tatoo’s, so they could not be ready to play!!

  • bob

    Lol you guys are so upset over an unofficial poll using OSU as number 1… hence why youre not on the field…. why do you care so much about some 21 year old guy…. playing football for a school that 9/10 you didn’t even go to… so much so you almost garuantee wins in a game of championship caliber when you have most likely never even wore a football jersey… stop acting like its a fact that one team is better than another because you’re a fan…. grow up… get a life… and stop posting on sports pages that the sky is falling because you don’t agree

  • bob

    Lol hating homers…. hypothetical…. if Michigan lost to OSU every year for 50 years… you guys would still be saying Michigan is better… because… well just because

  • bob

    Emotion vs logic…. fanatic vs fan… stupid vs smart

  • Christopher Lakits

    Ohio St number one pathetic Michigan not ranked CBS stick to the NFL

  • InvisibleHandInMyPants

    With anOSU players running their mouths about wanting Bama in the NCG, Im all for it. Roll Tide! Urban is Sabans bitch.

    • Stephen Booker

      If people who our peoples ”biches” get their dicked sucked by whomsoevers ”bitch” they are then yes.

  • TxGator

    uh…6 out of the top 10 are SEC teams. Yeah, I think they are still king. And bitch please. 2 consitantly overrated teams, Ohio State and USC. Who the heck do they play?

  • Don Beverly

    Well, U can say what the hell U want to say,But the past speaks for itself, And I dont see nothing changing any time soon . S E C !!!

  • Keith Phillips from ESPN Numbers Don’t Lie