Video: Lane Kiffin talks about firing during ESPN College GameDay interview

Two weeks after being fired by USC, former Trojans coach Lane Kiffin was in Seattle for an interview with Chris Fowler during ESPN College GameDay.

Kiffin spoke graciously of athletic director Pat Haden. He expressed regret for mistakes made earlier in his career, as well as mix of regret and pride over how the team played in a win over Arizona without him on the sidelines. “Tt was like watching someone else raise your kids,” said Kiffin.

Finally, he took full blame for the punchline USC became with him at the helm: “I’m to blame as head coach.”

In all honesty, we’re impressed he even showed up. He is a multi-millionaire. If we had been in his shoes, we’d be sipping daiquiris somewhere far warmer than Seattle.

[Video: College Spun]