Video: Teddy Bridgewater compares himself to Peyton Manning

Louisville Cardinals quarterback Teddy Bridgewater joined SportsCenter on Wednesday morning for a video interview. ESPN allowed fans to lob a few questions at the star passer through Twitter by using the hashtag, “#AskTeddy.”

Interestingly enough, the show took a question from a Kentucky Wildcats fan.

teddy bridgewater peyton manning

Bridgewater is expected to be taken first-overall in the 2014 NFL Draft, just like the top pick in 1998, Peyton Manning. Comparing himself to one of the game’s great shows that Bridgewater has some pretty lofty goals.

Below is video of his answer regarding Manning. Then, check out @TouchdownUK, Michael Moyer’s simple rationale about why he hoped to speak with a Louisville player in the first place.

teddy bridgewater peyton manning espn

It looks like the poor guy just wanted to be on SportsCenter. Unfortunately college rivalries don’t just end because your Twitter handle just got on TV.

[H/T: College Spun]

  • TouchdownUK

    lol that was me! I am @touchdownUK.
    I also took that video for college spun.
    Anyways, awesome experience, heck of a day.