Report: Former MLB player Chad Curtis sentenced to prison for sexual assault

Photo: Leon Hendrix/Twitter

Photo: Leon Hendrix/Twitter

According to CBS New York, former Major League Baseball player Chad Curtis has been sentenced to 7-15 years in prison for sexually assaulting teenage girls. Curtis was working as a substitute teacher and weight-room coach at Lakewood (Mich.) High School during the assaults.

Barry County Circuit Judge Amy McDowell referred to Curtis as a “predator” and told the former World Series champion “You certainly are a threat to any community you get into.”

He reportedly fondled and kissed the breasts of a 16-year old female student and inappropriately touched the buttocks of two 15-year olds.

Curtis was originally found guilty on Aug. 16, but maintained his innocence even during his sentencing hearing on Thursday. Again, this is according to CBS New York:

[Curtis] told [Judge Amy] McDowell Thursday that the three victims lied. He described himself as a Christian servant and said he and one of the victims “could write a book together someday, and it could have a positive impact on a lot of people.”

Now 44 years old, Curtis will be in prison until he is at least 51.

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