Chad Johnson arrested in Florida after violating terms of probation

Chad Johnson was arrested after violating the terms of his parole. (Photo courtesy TMZ)

Chad Johnson was arrested after violating the terms of his parole. (Photo courtesy TMZ)

Last week, a Broward County judge issued a warrant for the arrest of former star wide receiver Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson after he had allegedly violated the terms of his parole. The reason the judge had issued the warrant was because Johnson had left the state.

On Monday, he returned to South Florida and was indeed arrested. TMZ broke the story and NBC Sports is reporting that not only had Johnson left the state, but that he had missed two scheduled visits with his probation officer. He also failed to show any proof that he had signed up for the domestic violence education class that had been a mandatory part of his parole terms originally.

Basically, it’s not good when, as an athlete, one goes from having his exploits reported on SportsCenter to TMZ. Johnson’s parole was granted in reaction to a domestic dispute between the now-35-year-old and his then-wife Evelyn Lozada last August. After starring for the Cincinnati Bengals for years, Johnson suffered a down year in New England and had been hoping to revive his career in Miami.

However, the arrest led to his release. He was unable to find any takers for his services and this latest legal incident will only serve to push NFL teams further from signing a guy who has already on his last legs.

Here’s Johnson’s mugshot, courtesy of the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

chad johnson mug shot

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