Chad Johnson is tired of men sending him naked photos on Instagram

There’s never a dull moment in the life of Chad Johnson. On Friday, Johnson took to Twitter to announce he’s tired of men sending him naked photos on Instagram.

Ocho tweeted a couple of the photos that he received, but I’ve decided to leave them out of this post. They’re a bit risqué. One guy even deleted his Instagram account after the incident, presumably out of protection for his anonymity. Mr. Cinco then let it be known that women were more than welcome to DM him photos.

Some people then called Johnson out for posting photos of the men, and it became a whole thing.

Ocho even retweeted an account that would willingly accept any male selfies.

Finally, the former Dancing with the Stars contestant touted the first amendment and his embrace of all sexualities.

So what did we learn from all of this? Chad Johnson isn’t a fan of dudes sending him nudies on Instagram, but he loves the ladies. There are plenty of creeper Twitter accounts that will accept the photos. And above all, when things are boring in his life, the former NFL diva wide receiver can manufacture some sort of drama on the Internet to keep himself occupied.

What a busy little Friday morning.

[Cheers BuzzFeed]