Chane Behanan takes to Instagram to express his regret, own up to his mistakes

Chane Behanan took to Instagram late Thursday night to own up to his actions while he was with the Louisville Cardinals. Behanan had a turbulent ride during his career in Louisville. He was dismissed from the team in December for a final time, and now finds himself searching for a new home.

Behanan posted the following photo with a caption reading:

“This photo says a lot, I was a part of a dynasty, everyday I wake up in work out I go hard for them guys because I owe them a lot. As a man I can admit I F’d up, made mistakes after another and I wasn’t loyal to my brothers. I wouldn’t trade them guys for another team in the world though. #HistoryMakers #Luv.”

The first step to redemption is always accepting responsibility for your actions. It looks like Behanan is doing just that. For a guy who once had a bright future ahead of him, hopefully he can point his life in the right direction.

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[Thanks to College Spun for the hat tip]