Charles Barkely sports bandage on TV, makes fun of Alabama football arrests [Photo]

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Photo courtesy CBS Sports

On Tuesday, four members of the Alabama Crimson Tide were arrested for second-degree robbery and fraudulent use of a credit card.

Definitely not good. However, the kid who these four players beat up (in order to steal his credit card and try to buy things with it) has said that he will remain an Alabama fan to the bitter end.

Well, if the college student can make some good out of the situation, why can’t NBA Hall of Famer and outspoken TV personality Charles Barkley do the same?

While working on TNT’s Inside the NBA on Thursday, Barkley told his co-hosts and the nation that he had been mugged while walking around Tuscaloosa the night before.

Of course, the man was kidding, but as an Auburn grad, how could Sir Charles possibly pass such an opportunity up?

h/t: CBS Sports

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  • BigStud72

    But it was ok when $cam Newton stole lap top computers. You’re just turrrrrible Chuck.

  • Bucky Eades

    round man of rebound is the biggest joke of all. I can’t stand to even hear him speak. He spit at a fan once. He should have been arrested for assault.