Richmond and Charlotte have one of the craziest game-endings ever, courtesy of refs [Video]

Richmond Spiders' coach Chris Mooney is not amused by the refs calls. (Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports)

Richmond Spiders’ coach Chris Mooney is not amused by the refs’ calls. (Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports)

March Madness has barely even gotten underway and we are already being treated to some crazy game-ending situations. Earlier on Thursday, Illinois hit a buzzer-beater to top Minnesota and Gus Johnson had a gus-gasm on air.

That game’s ending, while exciting, pales in comparison to what happened at the end of the Charlotte vs Richmond game.

Richmond was nursing a three point lead, 63-60, with just over five seconds remaining when Charlotte inbounded the ball. Instead of giving up a 3-point shot attempt, Richmond fouled Charlotte so that they would only have two free throws.

Simple enough, right?

The idea was there, but it all fell apart for Richmond in a mere 4.7 seconds.

Richmond’s Derrick Williams was called for a technical foul after he “pushed” Charlotte’s Willie Clayton to the ground following a made free throw from Charlotte’s Pierria Henry.

The foul gave Henry two additional free throws, or four total, and he made all of them. At that point Charlotte led 64-63.

The technical also gave Charlotte the ball back and upon inbounding, Richmond fouled. During the foul, Henry forced up a 3-point attempt and was given three free throws for it. That’s when Spiders’ head coach Chris Mooney flipped a lid and was “teed-up” himself, twice, resulting in a total of seven more free throws for Charlotte.

If you are counting, that’s 11 straight free throws for Charlotte and three crazy technicals for Richmond.

Henry hit four of the remaining seven free throws, securing a 68-63 victory for Charlotte.

If you couldn’t keep up with that, don’t worry, neither could we, or apparently the refs.

According to Matt Norlander of CBS Sports’ Eye on College Basketball, following is an official statement from the refs on the game-ending:

With 4.2 seconds remaining during the first free throw by Charlotte #15 (Henry), Richmond #34 (Williams) pushed Charlotte #21 (Clayton) to the floor after the free throw was made. By rule—deadball contact technical by “by Richmond #34 (Williams)—two shots and the ball at half court. Charlotte #15 (Henry) shot the remainder of his free throw (one shot). Any player can shoot the technical. The ball is then put in play at half court.

Welcome to March Madness, Gamedayr Nation.

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