Very little demand for BCS Championship tickets on the secondary market

If ticket prices on the secondary market are any indication of the buzz surrounding a game, the 2014 BCS Championship has decidedly little. According to Forbes, tickets to this year’s title game are selling at historically low prices.

As of posting, tickets for the game are going for an average of $449 on TiqIQ. By comparison, the average entry cost to last year’s contest, which featured traditional powerhouse programs Alabama and Notre Dame, was $2048. On StubHub, parking passes ($115) are currently selling for nearly as much as the cheapest game ticket ($248).

There are a host of potential reasons for the absurdly low prices. One possibility may be the perception of both teams. FSU has been a juggernaut on the season, outscoring opponents by an average of 42.3 points. On the other hand, Auburn needed two miracle finishes to assist in making the game. After last year’s lopsided contest, buyers may be more wary of another potential blowout.

Another possibility is the lack of excitement. By that, Auburn won a title as recently as 2011. This squad isn’t as dominant as the one Cam Newton led during the 2010-11 season. While it has been over a decade for Florida State, their fans’ enthusiasm may not be enough to subsidize for both teams.

Finally, there is the location. Both teams have strong contingents in the South. Were this game being played in the Sugar Bowl, prices would be astronomical. Even the Orange Bowl would have created a bubble. However, a game played on the West Coast provides a strain on travel budgets not far removed from the holiday season.