Chris Bosh is at it again, photobombs Chris Paul at 2013 All-Star Game [Photo]

Photo courtesy Busted Coverage

Run for your lives, it’s a ticked off Avatar!

No, wait, silly, that’s not an Avatar … that’s a raptor!

Oh, hold on. That’s actually no big deal at all: It’s just Chris Bosh photobombing All-Star game MVP Chris Paul.

The game itself was slightly more defensively oriented than usual, but the final score still wound up at an insane 143-138 in favor of the West. Paul was named the MVP after scoring 20 points and dishing out a ridiculous 15 assists.

But even as he collected yet another trophy for his collection, his post-game photos were not safe. Not with Chris Bosh around.

h/t: Busted Coverage

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