Settle It: Will Fab Five member Chris Webber be in attendance for the Michigan-Louisville game?

TNT broadcaster Chris Webber prior to calling the game with the Oklahoma City Thunder playing against the Dallas Mavericks for game four of the 2012 NBA playoffs at American Airlines Center. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Now a TNT broadcaster, Chris Webber has disassociated himself with his Fab Five crew from his college days at Michigan. This disappoints former teammate Jalen Rose. (Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports)

The Fab Five was one of the biggest cultural phenomenons to happen to college basketball in the 1990s. However, the group of Michigan superstars now serves as a cautionary tale in handing teenagers too much while they are still trying to maintain their amateur status.

It also serves as a lesson in keeping count of the proper number of timeouts one’s team has remaining in a game.

After superstar Chris Webber called a timeout he did not have, his career at Michigan ended and so did most of his association with the school. He went on to try to forge a new identity for himself as a superstar in the NBA.

He no longer wanted to be known as that guy from the Fab Five who called that timeout.

By and large, it worked, but Michigan’s downward spiral to the depths of the Big Ten certainly did not hurt. The fact that ESPN was not broadcasting very many games in Ann Arbor and the team was rarely making NCAA Tourney appearances helped keep the heat off Webber.

Until this year, that is.

Coach John Beilein has coached star players Glenn Robinson III, Tim Hardaway Jr., Mitch McGary and of course Wooden Award winner Trey Burke to the cusp of a national title — on the 20-year anniversary of Webber’s fateful play, as irony would have it.

One of Webber’s former teammates, Jalen Rose, told Grantland’s Bill Simmons that four members of the Fab Five will be in the Georgia Dome when the Wolverines take on Louisville on Monday night.

The only holdout being Webber.

Rose, using Simmons’ show as his stage, implored Webber to make the trip to the game, as he already lives in Atlanta. He knows that it would be great to see the entire group brought back together on Michigan’s biggest night on the hardwood in two decades, and Rose just wants Webber to know it too.

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But will he figure it out?

Will we have a Chris Webber spotting at the 2013 NCAA national championship game?

We here at Gamedayr have no idea, but you might. It’s time to settle it:

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