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Christian Laettner’s jersey from ‘The Shot’ sells for nearly $120,000

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Christian Laettner is the latest athlete to have a piece of sports memorabilia sold for an outrageously high price. His jersey from the 1992 East Regional Final against Kentucky has been purchased for $119,500.

The contest, considered one of the greatest college basketball games of all time, is best known for Laettner’s game-winning shot as time ran out. After the game, he gave the jersey to a friend, who just recently decided to put the piece of history up for auction.

In a perfect world, Ashley Judd would have purchased the jersey and hung it, upside down, at the Merrick Inn next to a picture of Lattner stomping on Aminu Timberlake. Alas.

While Christian Laettner may not play for Duke anymore they still have one of the best teams in the country and Blue Devil faithful can find all their Duke Basketball tickets here.

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