Gamedayr of the Century: Cincinnati fan’s beer can beard is The. Greatest. Beard. Ever.

Photo via Paul Nisely

Photo via Paul Nisely/Twitter

Shut it down, sports fans, we’ve found it: The single greatest beard in the history of history. Forget the Romans, or the wise sages of the Japanese mountainside or Sinbad – this is it.

That is because this Cincinnati Bengals fan’s beard is far more than just an everyday, ho-hum “beard.”

It also serves as his six-pack holder, obviously.

And of course, there’s something special about those beer cans as well. Those are not Bud Lights shoved into the monument of hair, but instead Hu-Dey cans, collectables for Bengals fans everywhere.

Heck, this beard is so slick that even quarterback Andy Dalton had to give him props.

Check out a couple more looks below, but first, consider this: We don’t want to offend anyone who might feel their beards are equal to or even greater than this beer-filled beauty. So, if you think you’ve got what it takes, e-mail us at We’ll gladly feature you on the site if your beard is fan enough!

[H/T: For The Win]