Rumor Mill: Cincy makes a push to join the ACC

With all the movement going on between schools and conferences, Cincinnati does not want to be the last pretty girl left dancing with the brace-face that is the Big East right now.

Whereas the Big East has already lost several programs — West Virginia, TCU, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame and Rutgers to be exact — the ACC has already snagged ‘Cuse and Pitt and is looking to take on at least one more Big East program since losing Maryland to the Big Ten.

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The Terps’ exit has proven to be the most recent metaphorical domino to fall. The decision to head to the Big Ten has caused a ripple effect across the country. The Big East has recently announced the additions of both Tulane and East Carolina, basically making them slightly more legitimate than the Conference USA from whence the two new programs came from.

The future existence of the Big East is thus very much in doubt. Two of the conference’s remaining headlining schools, Louisville and UConn, are both rumored to be in the running for a move to the ACC in order to fill the void Maryland left behind.

Where exactly does Cincy come into play in all of this?

The Bearcats have taken exception to the fact that most outside of the Big East only consider Louisville and UConn as belles of the ball; the Cincinnati brass considers their program quite the catch as well.

Thus, the University has begun a push to prove to not only the ACC, but to the nation as well: The Bearcats belong in the conversation as an elite school both academically and athletically.

” The Bearcats were one of only six teams to finish in the top 25 of the final USA Today football and men’s basketball polls (joining Michigan, Michigan State, Florida State, Baylor and Wisconsin).

Ohio is a new and fertile recruiting ground and expands the geographic footprint of the ACC. Ohio had the fifth-most NCAA Division I football signees in 2012.

Cincinnati’s endowment is more than $1 billion, which is 26th nationally and more than six members of the ACC, and twice the size of Maryland’s.

The school is tied for 34th among public research universities, according to the Center for Measuring University Performance. That’s in line with several other ACC schools.

Cincinnati has nine Fortune 500 companies in the area plus is the 35th-ranked TV market.”

The Bearcats have begun to make their push towards increasing their revenue, as well as their national profile.

Cincinnati wants this, but it remains to be seen whether or not the Atlantic Coast Conference shares the love.

Quotes from ESPN were used in this report.

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  • Bear kitten

    I think it’s a shame that UC didn’t actively try earlier to sell themselves to the ACC, the Big 12, The Big 10, or the SEC. we heard rumors last year about both UCONN and UofL wanting to get out of The Big East, but no word about UC. Hope we haven’t missed the boat since the ACC already invited UofL. We can only pray that the above mentioned conferences want to expand again and our President & AD are selling our positives to all the conferences, not just limiting to the ACC. We can do like Rutgers and get bonds to enlarge Nippert to be in a better position when realignments come up again. Until then, we will continue to lose good coaches to the big boys and we will never get a 50,000 every game sell-out. Our recruiting will be less and less quality players, especially now that OSU and ND have great coaches and now UofL in ACC and WVU in Big 12.
    I now live in the south between ACC and SEC schools. It would be great to have UC among these big boys. Given a chance, we certainly can compete!