Ex-Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones now engaged to former underage student [Photos]

Photo via Sarah Jones Facebook

Photo via Sarah Jones Facebook

In this week’s sign of the apocalypse, the ex-Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader who had been charged with having sex with her underaged student is now engaged to that same student.

Sarah Jones, now 28 years old, was a teacher at Dixie Heights High School when she took a liking to 17-year old senior Cody York. She was obviously taken to court once her actions were exposed, and she only avoided jail time when she agreed to never teach or coach children again.

York is now 19 years old, studying at Northern Kentucky, and is obviously man enough to make one of the most important decisions one will ever make. York proposed to Jones by spelling out “Marry Me” on a Florida beach. They then announced their engagement by posting a photo of themselves in Miami Heat shirts onto their respective Facebook pages.

PS — Now that she cannot teach or coach and will (presumably) have a tough time finding a cheerleading gig, Jones is now a paralegal at at a local law Firm.

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