Bengals radio annoncer screams for joy after A.J. Green Hail Mary touchdown

The Cincinnati Bengals had, by far, the most exciting play on NFL Sunday. Trailing by seven points with no time remaining on the clock in regulation, Andy Dalton launched a 51-yard prayer. After a couple of tips, star wide receiver, A.J. Green snagged the ball out of midair for a miracle touchdown.

The score tied the game at 17 and forced overtime with the Baltimore Ravens.

Cincinnati’s radio announcer, Dave Lapham, could not contain his joy. He screamed excitedly as Dan Hoard called the action.

Following is priceless audio of the ecstatic Lapham.

Earlier this season, Lapham went balls-out with another great call.

[Cheers to Awful Announcing for getting this wonderful audio]

  • mikeyman1000

    I live in cincinnati and dave lapham is a former bengals player. there is nobody who seems to love his former team more than dave lapham and its evident during the gameday playcalling.this guy is a joy to listen to.

    • alistz

      Cincinnati has the worst radio announcers in the NFL. By far.

      • mikeyman1000

        Actually thats total bullshit.the bengals announcers have actually had their audio played on mike and in the morning as well as numerous other espn must be used to the standard guys who show no emotion whatsoever and have sticks up their must be into that boring robot shit.meanwhile the bengals announcers are once again in the spotlight for their great enthusiasm.

        • alistz

          Yes, they get played because they suck so bad that it’s funny. People laugh at them.

          You must be the provincial homer that wants to hear a moron yapping what you want to hear so you can feel special for wasting your life away, Peter Rose Jr.

          • mikeyman1000

            Yea i like to laugh also.especially at fagits who like to comment on zac do you find the time to play on the computer when your constantly scraping cum off of your teeth alicia err alistz

          • alistz

            There we go. From moron to internet Nazi. You f*cking homer loser.